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Veritas Director weighs in on GITEX 2023 participation

Ramzi Itani, Regional Director, Middle East at Veritas Technologies, discusses the opportunities and points of interest presented by GITEX Global 2023.

GITEX serves as a melting pot for innovation, fostering partnerships, and exploring the emerging trends that are shaping the future of the technology landscape. It’s a great opportunity to connect with customers and partners to showcase our market-leading data management and protection expertise.

The evolving cyber threat landscape poses significant challenges for businesses worldwide. AI and emerging technologies are creating huge security risks and cybercriminals are exploiting them to build more sophisticated forms of attack. Yet, the majority (77%) of UAE organisations are also turning to AI technologies to boost security. Given AI’s dual nature as a force for both good and bad, the question going forward will be whether organisations’ AI protection can outpace hackers’ AI attacks.

Within our own customer base, we’re seeing organisations embrace autonomous data management platforms, where the solutions use AI and machine learning to self-provision, self-optimise and self-heal. If a cyber-attack is a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’, knowing ‘when’ becomes critical. Data protection strategies with inbuilt AI-powered anomaly detection can alert admins to suspicious behaviour and trigger automated recovery, minimising damage from successful attacks.

In today’s evolving cyber threat landscape, the biggest takeaway from this year’s event will be around how organisations can arm themselves with intelligence-driven technologies that ensure business growth is met with resilience.

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