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Xerox’ new solution to help partners improve profitability

Pui-Chi Li, Xerox Middle East and Africa
Pui Chi Li, Xerox MEA

Xerox has introduced a software solution that helps authorised channel partners increase customer satisfaction by providing remote print management to their clients. The company’s new Remote Connect software improves device service and administration, and streamlines meter reads and supplies replenishment.

Remote diagnostics and support, based on Internet of Things device connectivity, increases device uptime for customers. Partners will also improve profitability as they manage device needs remotely and spend less time in the field, said the company.

Meter reads and supplies orders can be automated under the Remote Connect tool so customers no longer need to monitor and take action themselves. The tool provides Xerox channel partners with the data needed to trigger a delivery of new supplies at the right moment, reducing the amount of supplies customers need to store onsite and avoiding waste, said the firm.

“We are committed to working with our partners to deliver the best possible experience for their customers in the Middle East. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of downtime and increase overall customer satisfaction that will consequently deliver better business practices for our regional partners,” said Pui Chi Li, head of marketing, Middle East and Africa, Xerox Developing Markets Operations.

The tool also helps partners enable remote billing based on exact usage rather than estimates, minimise supplies waste, and reduce in-person service visits.



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