Focusing on next-gen ERP

In an exclusive chat with Anita Joseph, Editor, Security ME, Ali Hyder, Group CEO at Focus Softnet, discusses the company’s revolutionary next-gen ERP solution that facilitates real-time insights and advanced data-processing capabilities, while offering superlative security features.

Top 5 VAT tips for businesses in the GCC

We asked a range of Middle East-based experts about the top 5 need-to-know aspects of VAT adoption, to get a better understanding of the impact it is expected to have on IT infrastructures and processes across the GCC in years to come.

The changing face of ERP

With small and medium-sized businesses now looking to implement watered-down ERP solutions, and the ‘nexus of forces’ bearing down, CNME investigates what’s in store for the future of ERP.

Selling to SMBs

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) represent an important element in the business ecosystem of the Middle East. Industry analysts predict …


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