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Husni Hammoud on bringing Ivanti to the Middle East

Having recently launched its Dubai office, Ivanti hosted its first Partner Kick Off event in the region in April, highlighting the firm's new strategy around bringing siloed areas of a business together.
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The summer coupled with Ramadan will present more testing times for channel partners. This quarter will be perhaps more challenging, as system integrators spoken to by RWME suggest. But the saving grace is that the quarter that follows should see customers loosen their strings and get on to meet commitments for the year before it draws to a close. So perhaps the best option is to hold out for the moment.
In the meantime, partners should evaluate their options in terms of aligning with new vendors or reinforcing existing commitments to vendors and their partner programs. The opportunity for partners is to focus on a vendor and add value to the full range of products and services they offer.
Vendors are finding partners more indispensable and they need active and aggressive partners in a highly competitive market where customer orders are slowing. Vendors are using incentives as a tool for persuading partners towards common objectives such as creating more awareness for a new technology or product through roadshows or otherwise, increasing competence in technologies by bringing on board more trained and certified experts, focusing on key verticals in specific geographies and so on.More commitment could be rewarded with more incentives.

Bringing enhanced value proposition to a vendor’s products and services would be the best foot forward for a partner and to maximise incentives earned. An analyst points out because vendors are doing their homework rather meticulously and are aware of what their competitors are offering and therefore partners cannot use that as a bargaining chip.
Besides, if a partner can demonstrate commitment to the vendor, partners could perhaps have the opportunity to even negotiate higher incentives ahead of making the cut for the higher partner tier. There could be some incentives that are being offered upfront by vendors to boost opportunities in a tough market in addition to what they offer their loyal partners who have delivered consistently. All that comes into play for the partner who is looking at all options that will help grow his business.



Partners should evaluate their options in terms of aligning with new vendors or reinforcing existing commitments to vendors and their partner programs

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