Multilingual SMART Meeting Pro-collaboration software available

SMART Technologies has announced the addition of seven languages to SMART Meeting Pro collaboration software. To meet the demands of a growing global customer base, SMART Meeting Pro software now runs in French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese (traditional and simplified) in addition to English. Business, government and military staff in different countries can instantly start or join a conference, share applications, participate in discussions, brainstorm, and save and distribute work in their own language.

Moving users beyond the low-tech world of projected presentations, flipcharts and dry-erase whiteboards, SMART Meeting Pro software brings meeting rooms into the 21st century, creating time and cost efficiencies in the process. The software leverages integrated data conferencing to enable fast and simple connections and a more collaborative environment than traditional data sharing. It also provides a robust level of interactivity in single- or multi-display rooms where everyone can easily participate, regardless of location. The success of the English-only version has led quickly to the addition of seven languages. Benefits of the software include improved productivity, better decision making, faster connection times, faster distribution of meeting materials, travel savings and reduced environmental impact. The software works with SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards, SMART Board interactive displays, Sympodium interactive pen displays, and other training or meeting room products such as computers, DVDs and document cameras.

“Businesses today need teams to collaborate in a variety of ways in order to generate ideas faster, build consensus and accelerate overall development cycles,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “The addition of seven new languages to SMART Meeting Pro software will enable more multinational enterprises to connect teams easily, regardless of location, and get the job done.”

SMART Meeting Pro software features

Eight languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese (traditional and simplified), allowing users to run the software in their local language in the same meeting

Easy to use – Simple, uncluttered interface for natural collaboration experience, even for first-time or occasional users

Automated note capture – Touch the screen to capture notes made in digital ink; automatically save pages to a network, desktop or USB key; e-mail work to team members Multiple file formats – Save work in variety of formats, including JPEG, PDF or Notebook

Automated data conferencing – Always on, always ready; walk into any meeting room and instantly use the interactive whiteboard or interactive display to connect to remote locations; use a common intuitive interface for all connected meeting rooms; capture work done in several locations in real time

SMART product integration – SMART Meeting Pro software integrates with all SMART Board interactive whiteboards, SMART Board interactive displays and Sympodium interactive pen displays

Multi-display capability – Run multiple interactive whiteboards and interactive displays (up to 16) in different locations; connect computers, PDAs, personal productivity applications, storage systems and third-party devices

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