Spotify app made available for iPhone and Android

Spotify apps for the iPhone and handsets running Google Android have been made publicly available.

Swedish music streaming service Spotify lets users create playlists of songs for free, although tracks are peppered with adverts just like commercial radio.

However, for 99p, Spotify users can purchase a whole day of ad-free listening time, or alternatively pay a £10 monthly subscription and never hear an advert again.

The service also allows users to create 'collaborative' playlists, which are assigned their own web addresses, and can then be added to by other Spotify listeners.

The Spotify application, which was given approval by Apple at the end of last month, is available free from the iTunes app store, can only be downloaded by those Premium users that pay a monthly subscription.

The app lets users search and stream Spotify's catalogue of millions of tracks and any changes made to playlists from the phone will be instantly synched with your PC's desktop application and vice versa. If playlists have been downloaded, they can also be played when there is no web connection.

“We've worked hard to bring you the same great Spotify experience you're already familiar with to your phone. The mobile apps will allow you to take the entire Spotify catalogue and put it in your pocket. You can use our 'offline mode' to make playlists available at all times, even when no connection is available,” said Andrew Sehr from Spotify.

Mobile phone users with handsets running Google's Android can also download Spotify's official app from Android Market. The launch of the official app comes just weeks after an unofficial app, Droidify, was pulled from the Android Market because it infringed Spotify's deal with record labels.

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