eSolutions and conclude roadshows on Cloud Computing

eSolutions has concluded a series of road shows featuring  to demonstrate the benefits to business organisations.  More and more companies of all sizes are discovering the advantages of cloud computing in the current economic environment. 

Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable business applications and services are provided by subscription over the Internet. By utilising cloud computing, users are no longer required to manage and maintain costly and complex IT infrastructure that supports their operations, enabling them to focus more on their core businesses and objectives.  Other benefits include scalability, reliability and lower overall IT costs.  For thousands of business organisations, the use of cloud computing is often seen as the best alternative to traditional expensive on-premise solutions that are inflexible, have the burden of capital investment and are more risky with disruptive upgrade cycles and unexpected costs.

Woodson Martin, vice president, marketing EMEA,, said: "The Middle East offers great potential for cloud computing because of the robust growth of Internet and computer usage across different countries in the region. Moreover, now is the time for cloud computing – across both applications and platforms. complements growing efforts to streamline operations and optimise cost-cutting measures by helping business organisations seamlessly integrate cloud computing in their operations."

A series of successful road shows were recently conducted in Riyadh, Kuwait, Doha and Abu Dhabi by eSolutions (a certified partner) in support of a region-wide initiative to create awareness about the importance of cloud computing as a new driving force for business success. customers, including International Turnkey Systems (ITS) and Dubai World Central,  also took part in the road show, offering first hand experiences of the benefits of cloud computing.  Mr Khalid Al Massri, IT Director at the Dubai World Central said: “ has become instrumental in our day to day marketing, planning, customer service and measurements.  We use the application for communication between our sales, marketing and call centres.”

"Cloud computing represents the future of IT in the enterprise, and many business organisations have shown great enthusiasm to incorporate this groundbreaking business model into their long-term growth strategies. The cross-country road shows have given us an opportunity to help companies understand the benefits and advantages of cloud computing by featuring first hand accounts by customers and partners that have adopted for enterprise cloud computing." said Martin.


Roadshows highlight business benefits of cloud computing in enabling cost-cutting measures and long-term growth strategies

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