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ASBIS Middle East on revolutionising the distribution space

Vice President
Hesham Tantawi, ASBIS Middle East

Year by year ASBIS Middle East has grown solid collaborative relationships with the top worldwide vendors and suppliers of Consumer Electronics, IT products and solutions.

The company is constantly strengthening its presence in the most promising segments of the fast-changing global marketplace, introducing to the portfolio new product lines of Consumer Electronics and IT products and improving business techniques, strategies and services – with the aim to deliver the highest value to the company stakeholders.

For ASBIS, 2019 was a fruitful year as the organisation had anticipated what will happen in the coming year. The company was fully equipped at the beginning of the year and installed systems on all its daily works which resulted in efficient, satisfying revenues and profits.

Hesham Tantawi, Vice President, ASBIS Middle East, said, “Every year is a challenge for us. Today, the IT distribution space faces a lot of obstacles as the landscape and technology continues to change. Five years ago, the distribution method was entirely different from what happened last year and what is going to happen this year. Therefore, every year there’s a dramatic change in the way distribution takes place.”

Tantawi opined that businesses who don’t look to foresee what changes are going to happen in the market will find it tough to adjust faster.

“Technology and methods of distribution are changing faster than the market would indicate. So, you’ve got to be quicker than market changes. You have to be on top of the wave and not let the wave drive you,” explained Tantawi.

The VP plans to push the boundaries on everything that the company is doing this year by improving the efficiencies of every single distribution move it takes.

“We put forward forecasting efficiencies, we calculate logistics, days, hours, minutes, how long each process takes. If we add these efficiencies to all that we do on a daily basis, I think we are going to grow our business in two digits this year.”

The VP also commented that with all the organisations the company is dealing with, transparency is key.

“If you look at Intel, we celebrated 22 years of working with them last year, 15 years with AMD and 28 years with Seagate and ASBIS completed 30 years this year. They are mindful of our movements. They acknowledge that we are taking the steps to open up new markets and new areas in the industry for them. Our businesses grow on the trust we have in each other.”

The company also boasts that it is the sole distributor for both Intel and AMD Processors. According to the VP, trust and transparency is the company’s way of balancing between the two, which has made them one of the leading distributor’s in EMEA for Intel as well as AMD.

In 2009, the company had accepted the challenge of global crisis and swiftly adapted to the changes in the environment by reviewing the product portfolio, reducing expenses and focusing on improving the cash flow and maintaining profitability level.

The company’s strategy, focused on transparency to partners, vendors and investors, accompanies with strong internal management proved to be effective during the massive changes in the market landscape.

Tantawi said, “We still monitor these changes at ASBIS and do our best to be ahead of any market change. When any changes occur unestablished, we are on top of it. And this is how we have gained. We are an early picker of changes and this year we are faced with a lot of challenges from political to economic situations. Whatever we do today, we plan it and we do it. But most importantly, we think about what will happen tomorrow to stay ahead of the challenges.

Furthermore, the company depends on long-lasting relationships with its partners to help them identify the right solutions to focus on and then sell them.

Tantawi said, “Partners are the major success factor for ASBIS because we cannot grow without our partners growing. We’re in close cooperation with our partners. We discuss with them what we do annually, quarterly and monthly – the supply chain, the profitability drivers etc. Our goal is to continue serving them in the right areas and be the preferred partner of choice.”

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