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 How differently are your integrated suites targeted and positioned for corporate networks as against point solutions?

Kaspersky Open Space Security is our approach to trans-perimeter network security where protection extends beyond the workplace to reach remote users and an increasingly mobile workforce. At Kaspersky Lab we believe that freedom and flexibility in corporate communications is fully compatible with airtight protection from contemporary security threats, such as viruses and other malicious programs, hacker attacks, spyware and spam. 
Kaspersky Open Space Security products are flexible suites designed to make purchasing network protection simple. For example, take a network that has a large number of Windows workstations, a couple Linux workstations, and a couple file servers. It isn’t necessary to buy separate security applications to protect the different nodes of the network, even if running on different platforms. Instead, just find the product that includes the necessary network nodes (in this case, Kaspersky Business Space Security), add up the licenses that you need, and make just a single purchase.
If a customer’s looking to protect a more targeted area rather than a complete network, Kaspersky offers stand-alone products from Targeted Security that can be integrated into any Kaspersky business security solution.
How do these complement other functions such as IPS and NAC and products offering these features from other hardware vendors?
Cisco Network Admission Control technology is featured in Kaspersky Lab products. Cisco NAC has many obvious advantages for any organization and is especially beneficial for corporate networks, where control over network device security policies can be highly complex (for example, networks that offer access to uncontrollable guest computers and business partners).
Cisco NAC infrastructure may be recommended for organizations aiming to minimize potential damage from devices on the corporate network that do not comply with information security policies. The security policy and other rules may be adjusted using a Posture Validation Server such as Kaspersky Administration Kit. Access control can be carried out at the level of network connections and by the Network Access Device, but, not by applications installed on the computer (that is, the Endpoint Device). This approach helps control access for all network devices, including those that do not support Cisco NAC. By installing Cisco NAC, a network security administrator provides himself with a flexible tool for evaluating and preventing potential threats that can infect corporate resources before it happens.
Do you see the economic slowdown affecting IT security spends in the region?
The current financial crisis in the world is a very good motive for cyber criminals to become more active, to find new sources of income. This increases the challenges we face as an information security company in working more and more to stop them. And beside that lots of research companies confirmed that the information security market will grow in terms of revenues during 2009 even with the slowdown in the IT spending in general.
Watching our results of 2008 and up to now, the figures of IT security spending are very promising in Middle East as it’s still a new market in general and a good way for Kaspersky Lab to expand and grab more market share. Although lots of big IT projects have been delayed or cancelled, but we – Kaspersky Lab – are still experiencing very good growth rates in the region.
Kaspersky has now expanded operation in this region with a new office. How is this expected to help increase your market presence in the region?
It means better technical support for our partners and customers, better reaction time for new threats targeting the region, understanding and customizing our solutions according to our customers’ needs and demands.


RWME speaks with Tarek Kuzbari, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab Middle East for his view on the trends in the Information Security market

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