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VMware still chasing despite new cloud offerings

vmware vcloud airThe newest feature added to VMware’s vCloud Air public cloud is the ability to spin virtual machines up and down with a few clicks and pay for them by the hour.
This better positions VMware to go head-to-head with public IaaS cloud vendors Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, but analysts say VMware still has lots of catching up to do.

VMware’s stronghold in the virtualisation market has made it an important cloud computing vendor to watch, and the company has touted a software-defined data centre strategy since its VMworld event last year,

But competing in the public cloud market will be a tough challenge even for a company with such name recognition, analysts say.

Over the past year the company has built its vCloud Air (vCA) public cloud platform, which is based on vCloud Director software and has data centre sites across the world. The platform is still in its earliest stages and analysts say for it to truly compete with AWS and Microsoft Azure, VMware needs to add features, and quickly.

The process of rolling out services to gain feature-parity with AWS and Azure started today with the release of on-demand computing as a service, paid for by the hour with a credit card.

Just how far behind is vCA? On-demand access to VMs is a feature AWS has had since about 2007 with its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

Feature gaps like those make AWS and vCA appeal to mostly different users.

Since Microsoft and VMware both emphasise hybrid cloud platforms, there will likely be more direct competition between Microsoft Azure and VMware’s cloud platform rather than vs AWS offerings. Still, Azure has many more features than vCA.

More features are on the way for vCA, though. VMware says it will roll out a disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) offering in the first quarter. In the first half of this year new networking features based on VMware’s NSX platform will be available that allow isolated security groups and private networks.

But vCA still falls short of AWS and Azure, which have a wide catalogue of virtual machine offerings, for example. AWS and Azure have even moved beyond the battle over price and are now competing with one another on higher-level services. Both AWS and Azure have multiple options for customers to run databases on their clouds, and offer advanced Big Data analytics tools, too. VCA Vice President Scott Collison says customers can run databases on VMware’s cloud, but there is no specific DBaaS offering.

“It’s early yet,” Collision said about the IaaS public cloud market. That may be true, but while AWS and Azure are out winning deals, VMware is still building its public cloud.


Originally published on Network World (US). Click here to read the original story. Reprinted with permission from Story copyright 2018 International Data Group. All rights reserved.
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