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Hackers attempted to trigger Saudi plant explosion: report

0 227Hackers tried to trigger a deadly explosion at a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia in August, The New York Times …
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Cisco, IBM join forces to take on cybercrime

Cisco and IBM Security have announced a new collaboration to work together across products, services and threat intelligence to address the growing global threat of cybercrime.

As part of the agreement, Cisco security solutions will integrate with IBM’s QRadar to protect organisations across networks, endpoints and cloud. Customers will also benefit from the scale of IBM Global Services support of Cisco products in their Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offerings.

The collaboration also establishes a new relationship between the IBM X-Force and Cisco Talos security research teams, who will begin collaborating on threat intelligence research and coordinating on major cybersecurity incidents.

“In cybersecurity, taking a data-driven approach is the only way to stay ahead of the threats impacting your business,” said Bill Heinrich, chief information security director, BNSF Railway. “Cisco and IBM working together greatly increases our team’s ability to focus on stopping threats versus making disconnected systems work with each other. This more open and collaborative approach is an important step for the industry and our ability to defend ourselves against cybercrime.”

The combination of Cisco’s security offerings and its architectural approach, integrated with IBM’s Cognitive Security Operations Platform, will help customers secure their organisations more effectively from the network to the endpoint to the cloud.

“Cisco’s architectural approach to security allows organisations to see a threat once, and stop it everywhere. By combining Cisco’s comprehensive security portfolio with IBM Security’s operations and response platform, Cisco and IBM bring products and solutions across the network, endpoint and cloud, paired with advanced analytics and orchestration capabilities,” said David Ulevitch, SVP and general manager, Cisco Security.

In addition, IBM’s Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) will integrate with Cisco’s Threat Grid to provide security teams with insights needed to respond to incidents faster.

“Cybercrime is a growing threat and continues to have far-reaching effects. By 2021, it is expected to cost the world $6 trillion annually,” said Dr. Tamer Aboualy, CTO, Security Services, IBM Middle East and Africa. “With Cisco joining our immune system of defense, joint customers in the Middle East will greatly expand their ability to enhance their use of cognitive technologies for Cyber Security. Also, having our IBM X-Force and Cisco Talos teams collaborating is a tremendous advantage as cyber criminals become significantly more sophisticated.”

IBM X-Force and Cisco Talos research teams will collaborate on security research aimed at addressing the most challenging cybersecurity problems facing mutual customers by connecting their leading experts.


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