DarkMatter launches UTM solution

DarkMatter has launched SD-EDGE, a security solution that delivers full unified threat management (UTM) capabilities to improve data security at remote locations that fall outside the scope of the enterprise HQ security. The solution also provides direct location-to-location communications without the requirement to route the link via a headquarters (HQ).

Often, enterprises’ remote locations do not enjoy the same level of security that exists at HQ, and with the introduction of SD-EDGE, enterprises can now benefit from improved software defined security at branch locations at the same time as they enjoy bandwidth cost savings.

Commenting on the introduction of SD-EDGE, Faisal Al Bannai, Founder & CEO of DarkMatter said, Distributed locations such as branch offices, retail outlets, and hotel chains house personal data of their clients. Personal private information needs to be protected whether it’s stored at HQ or at the remote location, and SD-EDGE allows clients to beef up the security at the remote locations and save bandwidth costs at the same time.”

The solution is said to be perfectly suited for managed security services providers that can utilise it as a remote tool to manage the security of distributed locations.

SD-EDGE comes fully tested and authenticated by DarkMatter Xen1th Labs and includes key features such as zero-touch provisioning, central command and control centre for remote managements, fully compliant Network Function Virtualisation, Software Defined Network, and VPN with DarkMatter cryptography.

Rabih Dabboussi, DarkMatter’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development commented, “It’s exciting to be able to offer a security solution that combines the functionality of a UTM with the bandwidth-saving capabilities of software-defined network. We have already received positive reaction to the efficiency and security benefits of this offering, and we expect to see strong uptake of the SD-EDGE when we begin shipping in Q4 2017. ”

Many highly distributed environments also have high bandwidth costs due to all communications having to be routed through HQ, including for security reasons.

Bandwidth cost savings from the deployment of SD-EDGE for multi-location enterprises are estimated at as much as 35%.


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