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Helpbit: 87% of UAE users prefer services through apps

Helpbit research has revealed that 87% of UAE users prefer services that are delivered via apps

New research from Helpbit has revealed that the majority of UAE users prefer using an app over visiting a store or calling a helpline to book a delivery or service.

The poll shows that 87% of users preferred the tech-driven method of service delivery.

The poll also revealed that 70% of users booked a service or delivery at least once a week or more, with 11% using them every day.

The most popular services booked through an app include cleaning (61%) and shopping home delivery (55%).

It also revealed that 30% of people book what they need on the same day that they need it.

Forty-one percent of users admitted that they had “got into trouble” with a partner or friend for forgetting to book something important.

Mohammed Sleiman, managing director and co-founder of Helpbit, said, “We know that people in the UAE are pressed for time and have a lot to pack in during busy periods. What is interesting is that people are turning to apps such as Helpbit to make life a lot smoother. They can literally book within a day of needing something – whether last minute cleaning and home maintenance needs to be made, or you need to book in a quick beauty treatment ahead of an event. During your never-ending busy period, Helpbit has you covered.”

The Helpbit poll also revealed that most people will use apps to save time, and prefer them as they know they will have all available information in one place.

A significant 16% however, use them as they prefer not to speak to anyone.

Sleiman added, “Apps such as Helpbit can literally save hours when it is really needed.”

Helpbit, offers access to suppliers in the cleaning, pet grooming, electronic repair, car washing, tailoring, beauty services and fitness spaces.

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