Logicom gains Cisco Distributor Accreditation

Logicom Dubai recently announced that it has been awarded Distributor Accreditation by Cisco EMEAR.

The accreditation will help to drive revenue growth by moving award from the traditional volume-led business model to a solution-led business practice, Logicom said.

The distributor added that its resellers and customers would benefit from its core competency in this area, and gain access to Cisco solutions through a qualified distributor.

Logicom achieved a range of predetermined requirements, training and certifications set by Cisco for more than 10 of its sales and technical Cisco team members.

The distributor also said that all of its Cisco sales account managers have achieved CSE certifications, emphasising its appetite to be equipped with all the necessary tools to be able to provide the highest level of customer service to its partners.

Logicom said that its commitment to achieving all the distribution accreditations highlights the value that it brings to partners in the SMB and enterprise sectors, and to the market at large.

The distributor added that it intends to utilise the knowledge and expertise gained from Cisco EMEAR  Distributor Accreditation, and will pass this on to its partners via a hands-on approach at its new facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

“The Distributor Accreditation recognises the investment and commitment we have made in training and educating our team, and the investment in technology demonstration capabilities,” said Demetris Demetriou, General Manager, Logicom Dubai.

“Further, it also acknowledges our core competencies and specialisation in the Distributor Accreditation technology area, assuring the resellers we work with that we are experts in our chosen area of Cisco solutions.”

Philip Wright, Senior Director, Cisco, said, “The Distribution Accreditation will drive a consistent standard of knowledge and expertise throughout Cisco’s channel to market. This ensures the end customer has access to our solutions through a qualified source. We are pleased that Logicom has achieved Distributor Accreditation and has shown long-term commitment to growing their business with Cisco.”

Logicom has invested in predominant growth areas for Cisco, and has focused its offerings on data centres, enterprise networks, security, collaboration and small businesses.

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