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AT&T brings wireless technology

AT&T Business Solutions is now selling a new GPS-based technology that will give government agencies the ability to track and monitor their vehicles through wireless technology.

The new technology, known as the Mobile Fleet Management Solution, lets government officials view key data for their vehicles, such as their current locations and speeds, their delivery routes and their maintenance schedules. Additionally, AT&T says that the technology will allow vehicle fleet managers to remotely check their vehicles' fuel, tire inflation and oil levels to ensure that the vehicles remain fully operational and in good condition.

The Fleet Management Solution also gives vehicle drivers critical information to help them do their jobs, including GPS mapping and routing technology, turn-by-turn directions and safety features such as ignition locks.

AT&T says that the vehicle management applications will run over its nationwide broadband network and will be designed primarily to help government agencies that utilize a host of different vehicles, including public works, waste management and public safety departments.

The new technology is being offered in conjunction with WebTech Wireless, a wireless tech company that will provide the wireless hardware and software that will be installed into the vehicles. WebTech uses GPS technology to provide up-to-the-minute updates on vehicles' locations and to detect whether vehicles are on schedule to reach their intended destinations on time.

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