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Microsoft to build duo of UAE data centres

0 81Microsoft has announced plans to build its first Middle East and North Africa data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
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Avaya offers incentives to woo Nortel partners

With networking vendor Nortel Networks currently attempting to re-organize its operations under creditor protection, rival Avaya is laying-out the welcome mat for Nortel partners looking for a new networking equipment maker to call home.

Avaya has announced that it will offer incentives to Nortel partners interested in moving to Avaya, in the form of a “fast-tracking” into the Avaya Business Partner program. Mary Whittle, channel director for Avaya Canada, explains Nortel partners can move past the 101 to 301 courses necessary for Avaya certification and began at the 401 level. While the first three levels deal with broad industry concepts, at the 401 level more Avaya-specific technical and marketing material is covered.

“The heritage of Nortel and Avaya is of two companies with over a century of innovation in voice,” said Whittle. “Partners that have been loyal Nortel partners are likely to have a similar understanding of the base technology as an Avaya partner.”

And with the biggest cost for a partner engaging with a new vendor coming around certifications and training, Whittle said the fast-tracking removes a major investment barrier for Nortel partners looking to make the jump, making it a faster and less costly process. She added the similar heritage of Nortel and Avaya has been one of the drivers.

“They're comfortable the Avaya portfolio is one that recognized the importance, frankly, of picking-up the phone and getting a dial-tone,” said Whittle. “Nortel partners see that Avaya respects and recognizes their industry expertise and knowledge.

A spokesperson with Nortel Networks declined to comment on Avaya's program, except to say its partners know and trust its solutions, and the reliability of its products.

While it may appear Avaya is going after the partners of a rival that's in dire straits, Whittle said this program has actually been developed in response to Nortel partners that have been approaching Avaya since the creditor protection filing.

“The situation for Nortel is causing them concern and that's why they're reaching-out to us,” said Whittle.

When Nortel made its bankruptcy announcement, Whittle said Avaya made a conscious decision not to immediately go after Nortel partners but rather wait, examine what the impacts would be on both the end-user community and the channel, and consider Avaya's ability to play a role.

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