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Virtual Reality panel at Power of 4 Tech Forum

Experts examined the ways that virtual reality can be innovatively deployed to put users at the heart of the action
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Diving into collaboration

NWME: How’s Telepresence different from previous video collaboration systems?

Martins: Telepresence refers to a set of technologies which allow a person, or a group of persons, to feel as if they were present, to give the appearance that they were present, or to have an effect, at a location other than their true location.

Additionally, the user(s) may be given the ability to affect the remote location. In this case, the user's position, movements, actions, voice, etc. will be sensed, transmitted and duplicated in the remote location to bring about this effect

One of the main differences of Telepresence with current Videoconferencing systems is the ability of having life-size images (true to life people dimensions) of participants, fluid and high quality video & audio, minimized visible technology, real eye contact, immersive environments where the users – in both locations – feel as if they are in the same room, consistent quality, stable and reliable communication platforms.

Telepresence lets participants feel as if they are actually, physically sharing the same room, with the other participants thousands of kilometres away. This comfortable and collaborative technology- in combination with affordable and available bandwidth- is expected to have a huge impact on the way visual communications will be deployed as a mainstream manner of conducting business, both within and outside the company boundaries.

On Sony 3D Telepresence system we maintain a truly collaborative environment, facilitating Data Sharing & annotation support, a working experience that our customers have experienced on our Videoconference systems, and full interoperability with standard definition and high definition systems.

NWME: Can companies adopt telepresence systems without upgrading their existing infrastructure?

Martins: Telepresence systems are based on HD high definition video codecs, in order to guarantee superb audio and visual experiences in every location. With Sony new PCS-XG80 High Definition codec, industry first 1080i videoconference system we can obtain High Definition visual communications experiences on both communication platforms, IP or ISDN, (720P60 from 3MB on IP and on ISDN 720P30 from 768K).

Sony 3D Telepresence solutions allow end users to adopt this technology with minimal upgrades to their existing networking infrastructure and with a flexibility of experience Telepresence in both environments. Sony 3D Telepresence solutions are powered by our new latest HD code, PCS-XG80.

NWME: Is it meant only for companies with huge travel budgets? How can you justify the investment?

Martins: Today’s corporations are all aiming for Improved productivity, efficiency, clearer & faster communication, quicker decision making, Aids innovation, Improvement of work/life balance to facilitate Increase on job satisfaction & performance, and also on top on the above, reduce travel & associated costs and decrease unproductive time and being responsible with the environment in terms of contribution to reduce carbon foot print.

Telepresence is a correct answer to all of the above corporation’s objectives, and Sony 3D Telepresence solutions available at high competitive prices, in combination of relatively low cost of ownership and anticipated high usage rates due to full automated easy systems can deliver an exceptional Return on Investment.

Whatever is the configuration requirement Sony Financial Services are experts in delivering combined technologies and financial solutions (including hardware, software and services solutions) tailored to customer’s business preferences and priorities

NWME: Does Sony have plans to roll out desktop-based systems to make it more accessible to more employees?

Martins: Sony is focus on delivering Videoconferencing solutions to cover any market application or market demand. Currently on our product range we have a Desktop based system PCS-TL33P, competitively priced, which brings natural and clear videoconferencing with easy reach of all business applications. Is a compact solution to fit on any desktop and can be used as a PC monitor and offers a range of advanced features, including Kioske Mode for effective remote consulting or distance learning. PCS-TL33P improves interpersonal communications and productivity for any organization from small office/home office to any large organization

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