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MobileAccess promotes interoperability

Cathy Zatloukal, CEO, MobileAccessMobileAccess announced the AllAccess Solutions Partner Program to facilitate product interoperability testing and promote collaboration among the growing ecosystem of MobileAccess partners. Using the AllAccess Lab, partners can test their wireless applications and devices to validate interoperability with the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network and establish best practices for joint customer deployments.

Enterprise organizations are increasingly looking to implement multiple wireless applications and services. The MobileAccess infrastructure provides robust, facility-wide coverage for wireless technologies that transport voice, video and data applications and services. Partners and customers can unlock the potential of this architecture to deploy next-generation mobile applications more quickly cost-effectively than in a stand-alone deployment.

The AllAccess Solutions Partner Program welcomes participation from application and device vendors spanning a range of wireless disciplines including: Voice-over-WLAN, Real-time Location Services (RTLS), building automation, network equipment, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Mobile OS. As an Alliance or Certified member of the AllAccess program, partners have access to the AllAccess Lab and can take advantage of MobileAccess training, equipment, product management and engineering resources, and joint marketing opportunities.

“Seamless interoperability is becoming a key requirement for organizations based in the Middle East, as the region has evolved into a vibrant international business center. Factor in the rapid and phenomenal expansion of the region’s IT infrastructure, and you have a market that highly values advanced wireless networking capabilities. This latest AllAccess initiative is a welcome extension to Middle Eastern mobile services and is in line with the region-wide transition to a digital society,” said Cathy Zatloukal, CEO, MobileAccess.

TempSys, a wireless temperature monitoring systems company joined the AllAccess Solutions Partner Program to test interoperability between its CheckPoint wireless temperature monitor system and the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network. CheckPoint monitors critical storage temperature information in the pharmacy, laboratory, blood bank and other areas throughout a medical facility, so system accuracy and reliability are paramount elements of Checkpoint deployments. The MobileAccess infrastructure enabled over 450 temperature sensors to be installed without the use of a single wireless repeater at The Children’s Hospital in Denver.

Bob Yuan, President, TempSys, said: “Successfully validating interoperability between the Checkpoint Wireless Monitoring System and the MobileAccess Universal Wireless Network was a crucial step in our deployment at The Children’s Hospital of Denver. The wireless interface between our CheckPoint sensors and the MobileAccess network is totally seamless, eliminating the need for repeaters. This dramatically improved the performance of our system. We were able to not only reduce the cost for the customer, but reduce installation time and provide a better performing system. We are extremely pleased with our partnership with MobileAccess.”

As a result of interoperability testing and new installation protocols, TempSys can deploy Checkpoint in other locations using the MobileAccess network. Furthermore, the MobileAccess Wire-It-Once approach allows TempSys customers to easily add additional Checkpoint sensors or move refrigerators and other equipment as requirements change without disrupting workflow, saving both time and money.

“The TempSys deployment at The Children’s Hospital of Denver is a prime example of how easy it is for companies to add new applications to their MobileAccess infrastructure as wireless needs evolve. MobileAccess has a global footprint, and demand for in-building wireless remains healthy, providing a tremendous growth opportunity for wireless applications and device vendors who continually bring new products to the enterprise market,” concluded Jeff Kunst, Vice President of Marketing, MobileAccess.

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