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You have to keep an eye on details, and there is never enough time. However, we were quite humbled by the response to our inaugural awards, with more than150 nominations in less than a month.

Though the bygone year was one of slashed budgets and shelved projects, it was also the year of value, return on investment and more bang for the buck. Investment decisions were simple- no value, no funding. Every crisis comes with an opportunity, and most of the nominees for our awards seem to have lapped it up. Working their way off the beaten track, IT decision makers teamed up with business executives and vendor to build value-based business cases grounded in reality than just wishful thinking. All of them had a crystal clear understanding of their core business value; the courage to re-examine what they do, how they do it, and with whom they do it. Vendors have done their bit too, by providing technologies that helped change the way companies do business or solve technology problems, with measurable payback to boot.

Not only did we see a record number of nominations, we were also bowled over by the sheer accomplishments of so many of the candidates, spanning numerous industries across the Middle East. As part of the paring down process, we assembled a stellar panel of judges including CIOs and industry analysts. Here is a special thanks to these industry luminaries for taking the time out of their busy schedule to pore over and vet the nominations, over 10 days, to pick up the winners.

We hope these shining examples of IT projects undertaken by tech leaders committed to pushing their organisations will serve as inspiration, and nominate your company for our awards next year. Grab the May edition of Network World Middle East to find out more about our trailblazers and trend setters.

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