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Siemon launches Z-MAX network cabling solution

Siemon introduce the new Z-MAX end-to-end network cabling solution, designed from the ground up at Siemon Labs to shatter the previously accepted limitations of the RJ-45 interface. This revolutionary category 6A twisted pair copper family is available in category 6A UTP and shielded configurations, with both varieties supplying the best guaranteed category 6A margins and fastest termination times in the industry.

Z-MAX cords feature an exclusive RJ-45 Smart-Plug design which integrates a precisely tuned printed circuit board (PCB) into every plug. The PCB-based Smart Plug’s enhanced signal tuning is perfectly matched to the Z-MAX outlet, providing unparalleled end-to-end system. The Z-MAX Smart Plug’s Zero-Cross™ termination process also eliminates the split pair and pair-cross condition that is the primary cause of inconsistent or degraded transmission performance common in traditional, non-PCB RJ-45 plugs.

Siemon’s Zero-Cross termination technology carries into the Z-MAX outlet, which utilizes a patent-pending linear termination module to eliminate split and crossed pairs. The linear Z-MAX termination module allows conductors to be laced quickly and naturally into position without pair crosses, maintaining and protecting cable pair geometry for optimized transmission performance consistency and removing a significant source of noise and interference present in all other RJ-45 outlets.

The Z-MAX outlet also features exclusive diagonally-oriented IDC contact technology. This unique diagonal configuration maximizes distance between contacts within side-stacked outlets compared with traditional rectangular contact layouts. Maximizing pair-to-pair separation between adjacent outlets minimizes alien crosstalk even in the most dense category 6A patching environments. Z-MAX’s enhanced noise resistance in both UTP and shielded Z-MAX systems enables ultra-high density patching with up to 48 ports within 1U of rack or cabinet space.

The innovative combination of Z-MAX linear termination module and outlet is also at the heart of the system’s best-in-class termination time. Using the simple, patent-pending Z-TOOL™, both UTP and shielded outlets can be terminated in as little as 60 seconds from start to finish, including cable preparation. To further enhance flexibility and user-friendliness, Z-MAX work area outlets feature an exclusive hybrid flat/angled design that allows both flat and angled mounting orientations with the same outlet. Newly enhanced high visibility printed icons provide a complete colour coded identification system.

The Z-MAX UTP system also features Siemon’s new reduced-diameter category 6A UTP cable, a design that nearly equals the pathway space savings possible with the category 6A F/UTP cable utilized in the shielded Z-MAX system without sacrificing alien crosstalk performance.

To receive more information about Siemon’s end-to-end category 6A Z-MAX solution, and to access Z-MAX resources such as whitepapers, detailed specifications, termination videos and more, visit .

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