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IT Automation is a natural next step as businesses progress towards the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, said leading industrial experts …
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DR and PC protection services from Lenevo

Lenovo has introduced two new service offerings — PC protection service that insures Lenovo notebooks from accidental damage and Data Recovery Service that rescues users' data from a faulty hard disk.

Lenovo's Protection Service offers a performance-related insurance to enterprise and individual users' notebooks, arising out of accidental drop or an inadvertent liquid spill. Unlike traditional insurance companies which cover for damage/ loss from extraneous factors, Lenovo's Protection Service is specifically geared towards issues arising out of normal operating conditions and equips the customers' notebooks to be repaired or replaced immediately to ensure minimal downtime.

The protection cover can be availed of for a period of 1 to 3 years and covers all kinds of repairs and replacements arising out of operational or structural failures under normal operating conditions or handling, inadvertent liquid spills, unintentional drops and bumps, electrical surge and LCD screen failure. The service however does not cover theft or loss, cosmetic damage that does not affect the performance of the machine and damage due to fire and intentional acts.

Data Recovery Service is offers a new hard disk immediately, while attempting to rescue the data from the faulty/ crashed hard disk. The advantage of this service is that the customers' work does not get hampered by the disk failure. In case of a crash, the consumer can contact the service centre, which first replaces the hard drive and sends the faulty drive to the disk recovery centre. The disk recovery center interacts with the customer and provides the recovered data on a best effort basis. The coverage excludes tampered/ abused HDD, external storage units and service provided by a third party service provider.

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