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help AG first F5 unity service partner in UAE

help AG has been appointed by F5 as unity service partner in the UAE

Help AG, an information security consulting company, has been appointed by F5, an application delivery networking vendor, as the first official F5 unity service partner to deliver L1 IT support to customers in the UAE.

As an F5 unity service partner, help AG has been recognised as having the in-house technical expertise necessary to offer responsive support to businesses in the ME region.

F5 monitored help AGs technical support service capabilities for six weeks as well as the degree of difficulty in each of the cases. As an F5 unity service partner, help AG will act as a single point of contact delivering L1 IT support services in-house on behalf of F5.

“We have been monitored closely by F5 on the level of complexity of our technical support cases,” explains Stephan Berner, Managing Director, help AG.

“Thanks to our technical consultants, we passed with a 100% compliancy of case quality, which means only support cases related to bugs or advanced configuration were opened. As a matter of fact we are further investing in our F5 service capabilities to strengthen our position.”

Diego Arrabal, ME Regional Director, F5 commented: “In recognition of the support levels that help AG has already been delivering upon, we have decided to reduce the trial period to six weeks rather than the normal trial period of three months.”

It was agreed under the F5 unity service partnership that help AG must continuously maintain and enhance their services portfolio. Therefore every six months a surveillance audit shall be conducted by F5.

With the certification to provide F5 L1 support, help AG will be able to offer local and highly responsive field support by certified F5 engineers within the same geographical boundaries, time zones and languages.

F5 solutions help integrate disparate technologies to provide control of the infrastructure, application delivery and data management. Help AG is an information security consulting company, founded in Germany in 1995 and has been present in the Middle East since 2004.

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