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Trend Micro teams up with BigFix

The first in a series of new endpoint modules anticipated to be available is the Trend Micro Web Protection Module, designed to proactively protect endpoints against Web threats and provide security enhancements to the BigFix platform. The Trend Micro Web Protection Module, which also works with existing endpoint anti-malware solutions, leverages the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network – a security infrastructure that uses light-weight clients to access its unique in-the-cloud correlation of email, Web and file reputation technologies, as well as extensive threat databases. Customers’ protection is automatically updated and strengthened as more products, services and users access the network, creating a real-time neighborhood watch protection service for its users.

The planned integration of Trend Micro’s Web Protection solution and the BigFix platform is expected to allow IT managers in very large enterprises to achieve easy deployment, management scalability and efficient control of their endpoints through BigFix’s single-agent architecture and comprehensive, consolidated single-console views.

“The management capability of endpoint protection suites is a substantial differentiator,” said Andrew Hanson, Research Analyst IDC. “By combining multiple correlated technologies into a single management framework, Endpoint Protection Platforms have the promise of increasing security while lowering complexity, cost and administrative overhead.”

This relationship enhances Trend Micro Enterprise Security, which minimizes the time to protect organizations from content security risks. Powered by Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, Trend Micro Enterprise Security delivers immediate protection that improves automatically – closing the window of vulnerability – and reduces complexity by reducing the time to acquire, deploy and manage enterprise security.

BigFix is built on a high performance real-time, single agent, single management infrastructure architecture that provides continuous security, configuration assessment and remediation on the endpoints themselves regardless of connectivity–public or private networks, connected or disconnected. This architecture makes BigFix faster, more accurate, scalable, and more adaptive than traditional management solutions on IT infrastructures ranging up to 100,000s of endpoints.

BigFix helps customers simplify and automate infrastructure management, saving costs and improving service delivery by delivering pervasive real-time visibility and control of all endpoints across global networks. The BigFix management platform is also expected to complement the existing Trend Micro platform and plug-in architecture for OfficeScan, directed at enterprises under 10,000 seats.

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