SMBs expected to increase ERP spending

The region’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) expenditure is set to rise as more small and medium businesses (SMBs) invest in information technology services to reduce their IT infrastructure costs during the economic downturn, according to Sage Software, a leading vendor of ERP, CRM, and HRM solutions. With current projects facing more scrutiny from customers, the company offers robust ERP solutions to help businesses gain efficiencies and overcome investment return challenges by adopting a single solution that will cover all their regional hubs. With the ERP software market in the Gulf estimated to hit USD 300 million by end of 2009, the company is focused on becoming the leading source of ERP solutions in the region.

Maintaining a practical approach to technology, Sage Software has built an extensive range of integrated ERP solutions that cover the majority of its clients’ requirements, while remaining flexible enough to conform to the local business practices of the countries wherein the companies operate. The company has earlier been associated with accounting software; however, the last twenty years has seen a tremendous growth in its areas of expertise, which now includes ERP and financial software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and Human Resources and Payroll offerings.
“Today’s stricter industry regulatory standards and the demand for more efficiency across all aspects of operations have made ERP solutions a valuable tool for a wide spectrum of businesses – from SMBs to enterprises to multinationals – in the region,” said Vikram Suri, Managing Director, Sage Software Middle East. “Our software and services underlines our commitment to provide customers with solutions that address their shifting needs and can be easily integrated with their existing IT infrastructure. We are gearing up to further expand our presence in the regional market, in line with our goals to contribute to the region’s swift and lasting economic recovery.”
In addition to its broad range of solutions, Sage Software has also earned a strong repute for its global approach to addressing the needs of its customers. Understanding that businesses in different industries have different needs, the company stays close to its customers and deliver relevant solutions through its operating companies and worldwide community of software developers who continuously develop solutions for specific industries. At present, Sage Software’s products are classified under the following categories: accounting, payroll, CRM, financial forecasting, payment processing, job costing, HR, business intelligence, and taxation.
“Our extensive experience and insight, and our capability to translate new technologies into valuable solutions to help businesses from front to back office have been fuelling our successful collaboration with leading organisations across the globe. Our goal to become the most admired and respected software provider in the world is steadily coming to fruition, and this is due to our strong commitment to the integration of new-age technologies to maximise each organisation’s resources to their optimum potential.”

ERP vendor targets SMB customers with integrated solutions

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