Teradata delivers Hadoop data to the enterprise

Teradata today became the first company to offer business analysts streamlined and self-service access to Apache Hadoop.

Teredata Enterprise Access for Hadoop allows organisations to reach directly into Hadoop to find new value from data analysis and enable quicker and smarter strategic decisions, the company said.

It is the first solution to provide robust security, workload management, and comprehensive standard ANSI SQL support on Hadoop, allowing organisations more choices when implementing unified data architecture.

The product was revealed at Teradata Universe in Copenhagen. It allows users to build complete, best of breed and cost-effective analytic enterprise architecture that are easy to use and manage, Teredata said.

It works within the Teradata Unified Data Architecture, which brings together Teradata, Teradata Aster and Hadoop technology, as well as best-of-breed partner tools, to create a cohesive architecture. According to Teradata, this makes it the first vendor to provide a truly comprehensive framework to handle all types of data and any analytics techniques.

“Today’s announcement of Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop is another example of our aggressive commitment to building out the Teradata Unified Data Architecture,” said Scott Gnau, President, Teradata Labs.

“Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop empowers organisations to dig deeply into files and data residing in Hadoop and combine the data with production business data for analyses and action.”

Maximising the value of data assets has become a top priority for senior IT executives across the Middle East, many of whom are seeking effective means to refine the raw data stored in Hadoop and combine the intelligence with production business data.

However, Hadoop has presented the industry with challenges related to security, standards and a lack of talent in data science.

According to Teradata, the deployment of this solution will enable data scientists to escape application development and work on high-value activities. In addition, data scientists can gain a better understanding of the data lineage to determine its reliability and accuracy.

“We designed the Unified Data Architecture to be flexible enough to meet the individual needs of customers,” Gnau said. “It allows integration of open source Apache Hadoop with the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse and all Teradata appliances.

“The result is an analytic environment capable of meeting the operational and strategic needs of thousands of users, running hundreds of applications, on any data, at any time.”

Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop will be available by the end of the second quarter of 2013.

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