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GCC nations among most vulnerable to cyber-attacks globally

The UAE and Kuwait were found to be among the most vulnerable in a Trend Micro report analysing worldwide threats.
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Veritas reveals new strategies

Data digital flowVeritas has recently revealed a new strategy to grow its information management business, an initiative following its separation from security vendor, Symantec.

Veritas global SI team Asia-Pacific and Japan architect, Scott Meddings, said the company will be increasing its focus into the data space, and how businesses can extract value from all available data.

“IDC and Gartner are both indicating that data will grow to 44 zettabytes by 2020. This actually means that there’s a significant challenge for our customers ahead and it will be quite difficult for them to manage,” he said.

“More data doesn’t mean more value and customers need to stop hoarding data and need to factor in the cost of power, cooling and the management of license costs. So, we want to step in and help customers know which data should be backed up, which shouldn’t be, which should be archived and which should be deleted.”

Meddings claimed Veritas today is a different business to what was 10 years ago as a result of new products and acquisitions, as well as an evolving company strategy. In line with the revamped outlook, the company’s announced new offerings for enterprise datacentres, as well as significant upgrades to its core portfolio of backup and information management products.

According to Meddings, the new solutions that will be offered by Veritas present opportunities for the channel as they open up avenues for the channel to expand on their offerings and customer base.

“Traditional infrastructure-centric approaches alone no longer work. They can go to customers and talk about our new strategy and where these products can help them. When you’re in the Cloud, the only way you can reduce costs is to store and manage that data,” he stated.

Meddings also indicated banking verticals and medical verticals would benefit the most from these new solutions, especially from a compliance point of view.

“It will be very useful for them in dealing with the explosion of unstructured data. Getting an understanding of what that data is and their infrastructure and where they can store it will be useful.” An operational separation of Veritas and Symantec is currently scheduled for October 2015, with the complete separation on track by January 2016.

“In the next few months, there will be significant changes. We’ll be operating as our own standalone company and even though we’ll be smaller, we’ll be faster, more nimble, and innovating much more than we have been before,” he added.


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