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Cloud security is not a ‘real’ concern: analyst

There are more pressing concerns when it comes to cloud computing than data security, according to analyst firm Frost & Sullivan.

There has been a fixation on how secure information would be in the cloud.

Much publicised hacking scandals such as Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) have exacerbated such concerns.

But data security issues are a given anything related to IT, Frost & Sullivan ICT research vice-president, Andrew Milroy, said.

He noted concerns over security risks in the cloud among medium to large businesses have gone down with time.

“People still talk a lot about security, privacy and the risks associated with cloud computing generally. I’m not saying [those concerns] are going to go away; clearly they are still issues,” he said.

“But what we are finding is people that are working with cloud computing more are finding the issues they are facing are things like integration data on-premise with what they have in the cloud,” he added.

Portability of data from one provider to another is also proving to be challenging.

“My view is those are the real issues people need to think about more than just data security issues,” Milroy said.

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