Ericsson foresees exponential growth in next-gen access networks

Fiber-based networks are the future of the telecommunication industry which is currently undergoing a network transformation triggered by spurring introduction of new services and operators’ plans for growth.

This forecast came out during the third annual FTTx MEGNA two-day conference that was held in Dubai recently.

“Fiber is the end-game. Fibre is future-proof and provides unlimited bandwidth enabling attractive packages and better quality experience to the end-users,” said Ajay Saini, Product Marketing Manager, Ericsson, who is one of the presenters at the event.

At the forum, which witnessed the participation of key Telecom industry players from the Middle East and North Africa regions, Saini also demonstrated that opportunities exist to address the market and create true differentiation by deploying intelligent high speed fiber networks. He said, “There is no single solution that can be deployed globally in one go and the technology choice must be based on a number of considerations and not on technical aspects alone. The complete ecosystem needs to be addressed and all the telecom industry players, we all need to work together to respond to the market needs and fulfill the demand driven by the end-users”.

The most critical cost factor in deploying an FTTx network is civil works for passive infrastructure; however, this can be reduced by offering innovative solutions like air blown fiber, and making the total value of ownership of a fiber network huge for the operators on the long run.

“With next generation network, it should be easy for operators to monitor the network performance and reduce the operational cost. The operators will get greater flexibility and they will be able to upgrade and offer different packages which will enhance their competitive edge and generate more revenues.” Saini said. “In that way the operational cost and time to market will be definitely reduced.”

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