Annie Bricker

Slicker city

The road to Ajman Vision 2021 has already begun, the initiative demanding a happier, greener emirate driven by a ‘distinguished government’. A key partner of the project is city planner Ajman Municipality, whose increasingly mobile employees needed a sharper Wi-Fi solution to catalyse the mandate’s ambitious objectives.

Court is in session

Dubai Courts was established in 1970 under a clear vision aimed at pioneering in the courts justice, equality, creativity, excellence, team spirit and independence.

The jet set

George Yacoub, CIO, SEHA, has spent more time than he would have liked commuting – to the point that an airport became his temporary office. Now that he has found a home in Abu Dhabi, he reflects on his many successes, his love of helping people, and what it takes to be one of the region’s top CIOs.

Back to layer one

Managing a network’s physical layer is a task that requires technical expertise and precision. With investments made to last the long haul, getting the basics right makes a fundamental difference for a well-managed data centre.

Under the radar

Content Delivery Network specialist Akamai has arrived in the UAE. CNME visited the firm’s Dubai Marina office upon its opening, and sat down with company CEO Dr. Tom Leighton, who says the firm’s services are used on a vast scale but are relatively unknown.

Upgraded opportunity

Fady Sleiman, CIO, Waha Capital, does not see areas of weakness. Instead, he prefers to see opportunities. When he had the opportunity to streamline the technology infrastructure in the office, he and his team went all in.

The worker’s shift

The consumerisation of IT is driven by employees who buy their own devices, use their own personal online service accounts, install their own applications and then connect to the corporate network, often without the organisation’s knowledge or approval. Is this new wave of autonomy a friend or foe to the IT department?

Virtual dreams

Network Function Virtualisation has the potential to profoundly change the way networks are built out and managed. Service providers hope to benefit from NFV by reducing start-up costs and the costs associated with network operations – both CAPEX and OPEX.

Managing the machines

The world of M2M communications is upon us. Sensors are already installed in city infrastructure and smart home foundations to collect data and feed it to other machines. The goal is to create a more streamlined end-user experience. However, as sensors track movement and back-up data, personal privacy and security issues inevitably come into play.

Pay to play

From the moment that mobile phones became as common as carrying a wallet, advancements in their abilities and technologies have continued to shape the way we live our lives. Near Field Communication is next in this line of paradigm shifting technologies.

Vintage tech: Xerox NoteTaker

Developed by Xerox in 1978, the NoteTaker was arguably the first portable computer. The unit did not actually make it to commercial production. Only 10 prototypes were built. Still, the design and programming affected the design of the portable computers in the years to follow.

Always be prepared

Cyber criminials are becoming more organised and taking higher bounties. Kaspersky Lab’s Cyber Security Weekend for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa kept CNME abreast of changes in the security landscape and predicted what we can expect in the coming year.


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