Annie Bricker

The big upgrade

The adoption of virtualisation in the past few years has undoubtedly changed the face of the data centre. No longer housed in sprawling warehouses, data centres are fast becoming slimmed down and agile.

Safety on the go

There is no question that the use of mobile devices, both personally and professionally, are now not only convinient, but necessary for productivity. As the mobile technology develops, mobile security best practices must also adapt.


Think green

Launched in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ‘Energy Star’ was the initiative that kick-started green IT. Since then, minimising the negative impact of information technology use on the environment has become increasingly pertinent in the age of sustainability.

Perfect planning

His first days as an international student in Ann Arbor, Michigan were a bit trying. However, it was his determination to move outside his comfort zone that made Alaeddin Al-Badawna, Manager – IT, ADMA-OPCO, the detail-oriented professional he is today.

A healthy house

Al Noor Hospitals Group has long been a leading healthcare provider in the UAE. As they look to expand beyond the borders of the Emirates, Wissam Ismail, Head of ICT is determined to keep the company’s IT infrastructure robust and healthy.

Code Halos

CNME and Cognizant hosted a roundtable discussion on cloud, mobility and other disruptive technologies in the industry. Transforming business models with digital technology was the topic of the day, as CIOs sat down to talk about the future of digitally-enabled business.

The dream: Seamless cloud

In a work environment where employees demand mobile solutions, and the C-suite is mandated to keep data secure and business processes grounded, CIOs are hard-pressed to create seamless cloud to on-premise solutions that are both user and business friendly.

Forward-thinking financials

Mohammed Faisal, Chief Financial Officer, Al Mostajed Technologies Group, has a good relationship with all departments in the company – but that doesn’t mean he sugarcoats his opinion when it comes to funding projects.

Taking cover

Third-party administrator NEXtCARE aims to take the confusion out of healthcare insurance. The company’s Head of IT for the MEA region, Wissam Mattout, introduced the custom made, turnkey software ‘TATSH’, which has streamlined the company’s processes while ensuring competitiveness and profitability.

Port authority

Yousif Almutawa, CIO, DP World, has seen some ups and downs. From a start-up in California during the Internet boom and subsequent crash, to the surge in construction in Dubai in the mid-2000s, Almutawa has learned a few things about success and failure.

CXO Corner

Information and technology is a linchpin of any 21st century business; operations can grind to a halt without cutting-edge technology infrastructure and solutions. In a brand new edition to CNME, we sit down with non-CIO executives to see how their relationship with technology and the IT department affects their bottom line.

Vintage tech: Commodore PET

In an era that is overrun with iPhones, 4G and cloud computing, it’s easy to forget the relatively simplistic roots of technology. In a new addition to CNME, we trawl through the archives to find the best, baddest and ugliest innovations which continue to pull at the heartstrings today. To set the ball rolling, we take a look at the Commodore PET.

Fuelling up

It takes more than just full tanks to keep the UAE up and running. Ali Abdul Aziz Al Ali, Vice President, Information Technology Division, ADNOC Distribution, lets us in on the company’s many projects, and what filling up will look like in the future.

New connections

M2M communications are already being implemented across industries. As we move forward into creating a more connected world, early adopters are looking to streamline the adoption process.


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