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Saudi will seek foreign tech to create nuclear weapon “if Iran does”

0 157Saudi Arabia’s crown prince says the kingdom would pursue foreign technology to build a nuclear weapon if its regional rival …
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Vintage tech: CD-ROM

The CD-ROM (compact disc, read-only-memory) is an adaptation of the CD that is designed to store computer data in the form of text and graphics, as well as hi-fi stereo sound.

Vintage tech: Ericsson R380

The R380 was the first device to be marketed as a ‘smartphone’ after the term was coined in 1997, despite arguments that the Nokia 9000 (released in 1996) and the IBM Simon (released even earlier – in 1994) held the same capabilities.

Vintage tech: Toshiba T3100

The release of the Toshiba T3100 in 1986 struck a fine balance between strong computing power, whilst also being durable and portable – though some may say it wasn’t technically ‘portable’ as it still required an external power source.

Vintage tech: Intel 4004

Generally regarded as the first commercially available microprocessor, the Intel 4004 – released in 1971 – was a 4-bit central processing unit (CPU), which began retailing at a price of $60.

Vintage tech: Apple 1

Apple 1, formally known as Apple Computer 1, was designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak – a close friend of Steve Jobs and co-founder of Apple. It was the company’s very first product, and went on sale in July 1976 at a retail price of $666.66 – because Wozniak “liked repeating digits.”

Vintage tech: Symmetrix

EMC’s first milestone was the introduction of the Symmetrix 4200 Integrated Cache Disk Array in 1990, which had a capacity of 24 gigabytes, and used RAID technology.

Vintage tech: Walkman

Before the iPod, the iconic Walkman ruled the roost. Released in July 1979 by Sony Corp. the Walkman TPS-L2 was a 14 ounce, blue and silver, portable cassette player.


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