Vintage tech: MS-DOS

Launched as the main operating system for IBM PCs in 1981, Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) set the ball rolling for the foundations on which computer programmes could run.

Vintage tech: TI-99

Released in June 1981 in the United States, the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A was an updated version of their unpopular TI-99/4 released two years prior.

Vintage tech: Xerox NoteTaker

Developed by Xerox in 1978, the NoteTaker was arguably the first portable computer. The unit did not actually make it to commercial production. Only 10 prototypes were built. Still, the design and programming affected the design of the portable computers in the years to follow.

Vintage tech: Motorola MicroTAC Elite

Long before we began to carry tiny mobile computers in our pockets, the world’s tech elite were strapping massive, clunky mobile phones to their belts. Motorola’s line of MicroTAC mobiles, first released in 1989, sat proudly on the high-end of mobile technology for the time.

Vintage tech: Commodore PET

In an era that is overrun with iPhones, 4G and cloud computing, it’s easy to forget the relatively simplistic roots of technology. In a new addition to CNME, we trawl through the archives to find the best, baddest and ugliest innovations which continue to pull at the heartstrings today. To set the ball rolling, we take a look at the Commodore PET.


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