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Building a successful channel partner programme

AkyumenHow Enterprise Systems enables its channel ecosystem through effective partner programmes.

As the technology sector continues to evolve from traditional solutions to cloud-based solutions as well as fast changing geopolitical climate, partners’ needs, and requirements need to change in order to maintain and grow their business. To help support our partners, a fluid and effective partner programme should be negotiated and delivered to support the ROI for both vendors and partners alike.

A successful partner programme consists of the following five pillars:

Partner recruitment
Recruitment of the right partner is vital and needs in-depth work by the recruiter. Through the right channels, the message to the potential partner can be quite effective and the outcome can take the right anticipated direction. The goal is to create value for the partner by either creating a new and sustainable revenue stream or replacing a non-profitable and/or non-sustainable brand as well as providing the true value-added relationship through technical or commercial support above and beyond their existing partnerships.
Partnership is not just a short-term financial interest, but long-term relationship in which partners share profits as well as share pain points in order to grow and sustain an effective and growing business model.

To effectively recruit new partners, you need to first understand their business model and business strategy plan. The recruitment must not disrupt their existing set up and should enhance and grow within their eco-system, creating value at their core to help them accomplish their business goals.
Once you understand their strategy and culture, an effective training programme must be developed with effective timelines.

Marketing and lead generation
Alongside the training programme, an effective partner programme supports the marketing and lead generation for the sales and technical team to immediately get engaged with the brands supported by programme whilst going through training and certification so that they can apply what they learn to bring value to the partners’ core business. This will deepen the relationship and partnership as it will produce positive results within agreed timelines.

Sales activity
Supporting the sales team of your partner is critical because they will need hand holding through the first few projects from presales to delivery and after sales support. This support will firm the foundations of future sales and success of the partner programme.
Enterprise Systems’ value-add is the presales, sales and post-sales pillars of support for the successful hunting, convincing and delivering the valued solution to the partners end user.

One of the best ways to motivate your partners is to have a performance-based incentive programme. These programmes help you improve relationships, give you an opportunity to be in contact with your partners more often and reward the partners that perform well.
A successful partner programme always is evolving as there is more room for improvement. Surveys and feedback from partners can produce valuable ideas. The goal is to get partners to develop their skills to bring in more qualified leads. While working with multiple partners, the data available can be analysed to provide performance metrics that can help the partner perform more effectively.
Enterprise Systems is a value-added distributor dedicated to enabling our channel partners with networking, convergence, mobility and security solutions for their enterprise clients across the Middle East and Africa.
Dedicated to best-of-breed products and true end-to-end solutions, Enterprise Systems is committed to service quality and operational excellence, with an eye to continuously improving the client experience.
With an experienced and highly professional engagement team, Enterprise Systems offers the full spectrum of services from pre-sales, technical, marketing, sales to training, logistics and finance.
Our values are simplicity in solutions and services. To join our Enterprise Systems Partner Programme please send your enquiry to

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