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Abu Dhabi customer services get a boost with smart apps

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, ADM, has announced the launch of three smart applications during the Concepts and Innovations Forum held from 6th to 8th February.

Saif Bader Al Qubaisi, director general, ADM, unveiled Capital Guide, Capital Children Guide, and Capital Buildings Guide applications, which are aimed at improving customer services and applying technology in bringing more happiness to people.

Speaking about the Capital Buildings App, Mustafa Almasawi Alhashmi, Director of Spatial Data at ADM, said, “This is a smartphone application enabling users to explore and watch 3D buildings interior and exterior in a virtual tour. The owner can subscribe to the platform, upload building layout, and make changes to colours, doors, windows and furniture.

According to ADM, the launch of the Capital Smart App is intended to meet the aspirations of residents, and strategic partners in identifying the routes. “As it is difficult to get the GIS signal inside buildings, it is difficult to use certain applications such as Google Maps and others to work out routes,” said Alhashmi. “Therefore, the Capital Smart Application is the solution; it is an application of GPS and indoor routes inside the premises, where users can use their smartphones to get the direction at indoor premises, which will facilitate finding destinations and exploring places inside the buildings.”

The application can be used in places frequented by the public such as municipal centres, shopping centres, hospitals, airports, exhibitions, museums, and universities. It also aims to help users locate their vehicles in parking areas, friends, children, shops or products, and search for and access their destinations by voice guidance indoors of areas subscribing to the system.

The application can be accessed through the Internet, and users can benefit from the required permission to manage maps and content of the centre regarding floors, locations of offices, shops, names, maps, entrances, and facilities such as parking, toilets and restaurants.

The system allows the owner of the store, and the user to manage the sites and names and specifications of goods and products in the shop.

Al Hashimi went on to say that the Capital Children Guide provides a service targeting children to locate, protect and care for them as a top priority. It also enables locating them inside and outside the buildings, centres connected to the Capital Guide Platform. The capital children guide can be uploaded to the smartphone where the parent is required to enter the code of the child in the system, and the child tracking feature in the system is activated, positioning the child inside and outside the premises.

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