Intel gears up for growth

Intel says its addressable market in the GCC is growing by three times and the processor company is realigning its resources to capture lion’s share of the market by 2015.

“We are looking an organic growth of 30 percent year on year and we are trying to form an integrated marketing approach by meshing together our channel partners with our sales force to cash in on the opportunities in the region,” says Nassir Nauthoa, GM-Gulf Countries, Intel.

Intel is also eyeing opportunities in the enterprise market bolstered by its acquisitions of security company McAfee and Infineon’s wireless division. During the first quarter, the company’s server business has exceeded expectations, and it has started shipping new Xeon E-series server chips based on the Sandy Bridge architecture in April.

Nauthoa says Intel is also bullish about the opportunities in the cloud computing space. “We have launched our Cloud 2015 Vision, which has three key elements – federated, automated and client-aware.  We also have a Cloud Builder programme, featuring 20 of the world’s leading hardware and software makers who will commit resources to spur innovation and make clouds easier to deploy, use and share.”

Another area of focus would be its Tri-Gate 3D Transistor technology, which the company says could make PCs, smartphones and tablets faster and more power-efficient. The new chip technology, using the latest 22-nanometer manufacturing technology, replaces flat, two-dimensional streams of transistors with a 3D structure. A flat, two-dimensional planar gate is replaced with a thin, three-dimensional fin that rises up vertically from the silicon substrate. The new chips will start shipping by the end of this year, says Nauthoa.


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