Despec’s dedicated team player

Saji Anthony, sales manager, Southern Gulf region at Despec MERA

Saji Anthony describes himself as ‘appealing, aggressive and assertive’ and a true professional never shies away from continuous learning. These are perhaps the characteristics that have helped him accelerate his career climb that began in New Delhi, India, followed by Riyadh and finally in Dubai.

With 15 years of experience in the IT industry spanning both OEM and distributor operations, Anthony now works with Despec MERA in the capacity of sales manager for the Southern Gulf region.

“Being a very challenging role, I consciously invest my time and effort in building the right team by putting in place the right training programs to support the area managers and aid them with planning and monitoring regional sales in addition to forecasting goals. I am constantly on the look-out for ways to improve the sales process and try my best to incorporate the latest technologies into our sales systems to automate the system and achieve the highest levels of accuracy and decision making efficiency,” he says

According to Anthony, his extensive years of residency in the Gulf region have helped him understand the diverse market dynamics in the region and establish some key industry contacts.

Anthony adds that the three year long global recession was perhaps the most challenging time to meet business objectives. The three years also turned out to be the richest learning experience of his life where he used strong networking and relationship building skills to develop the organisation’s overall market share. In addition, he says the company’s constant support gave him the strength and determination to achieve his goals.

With a wife and six year old daughter, Anthony says he is a family oriented and religious individual who is careful to unwind with his family after a long day at work.

In addition to his passion for music, movies and reading, Anthony’s technology vices include his iPhone, BlackBerry and Internet TV. A firm believer in the concept of social networking, Anthony adds that while he does spend time interacting with friends and family through these networks, but never does so at work.

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