Paladion named “AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response Provider of the Year” at the Future Security Awards

Paladion has been named AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response Provider of the Year at the Future Security Awards. The awards are hosted by, and recognise those cybersecurity providers who “have delivered ground-breaking business value through innovative application of security technologies” over the prior year.

“We are honoured to be named one of the region’s leading cybersecurity providers by the Future Security Awards,” states Amit Roy, EVP & Regional Head MEA at Paladion. “In particular, we are honoured to receive recognition for offering the market’s most effective AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. We continuously innovate and improve our MDR offering, and we are proud to hear that Future Security Awards also recognises the superior service we offer.”

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services shifts the focus of cybersecurity off prevention, and on to rapidly finding and remediating threats before they cause significant harm. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied to MDR services to increase their speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. In addition, AI and other advanced data analytics give organisations the ability to continuously monitor, identify, and respond to successful threats they have suffered in near-real-time.

The AI-Driven MDR market is rapidly growing. In their recent “Market Guide to Managed Detection and Response”, Gartner projected that 25 percent of organisations will utilise MDR by 2024— up from five percent today. In particular, Gartner predicted that 40 percent of midsize enterprises will deploy MDR as their only managed security service.

“We have designed our AI-Driven MDR service to solve many of the large, evolving security problems faced by organisations of every size,” explains Roy. “Our AI-Driven MDR service can provide comprehensive protection—through a turn-key deployment—for organisations of all sizes without investing substantial resources for their defence. aFor enterprises, we are also able to ‘fill the gaps’ in their current security capabilities.”

By naming Paladion the AI-Driven MDR Provider of the year, the Future Security Awards team recognised these innovations to the standard MDR service structure and delivery, and identified Paladion’s offering as one of “the best security minds and projects in the region, whose technologies, products, or solutions” that offers “great potential in meeting the needs of the digital era.”

The Future Security Awards specifically highlight security companies with meaningful activities in the Middle East, where Paladion has developed a significant presence.

“Organisations in the Middle East face a diverse range of threats,” concludes Amit Roy. “They face the same global cyberattacks as everyone else, as well as a much greater deluge of politically-motivated attacks. While we are a global company, we have placed special emphasis on serving the Middle East. We developed the region’s first AI-Driven Security Operations Centre (SOC), and we will continue to develop the level of security service and innovation required to remain on the Future Security Award’s best-of list for years to come.”


Paladion has served 700+ clients over their 19+ years providing next-generation cybersecurity to the world’s leading companies. Consistently recognized and rated by independent advisories, Paladion provides a full suite of cyber security solutions—including Cloud security, continuous security monitoring, and advanced security analytics—anchored by their internationally-recognized AI-driven Managed Detection and Response program. Please visit for more information.

The Future Security Awards, hosted by, recognises individuals, businesses, and vendors that have delivered ground-breaking business value through innovative application of security technologies. The Awards welcomes companies from across the Middle East. It acclaims the best security minds and projects in the region whose technologies, products or solutions are deemed to have a great potential in meeting the needs of the digital era. 2019 honourees were announced at a gala dinner on 10th September 2019 at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, UAE.

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