Rest assured: Pay-as-you-go is still available for Microsoft Azure

Yes, that is true! Microsoft Azure Pay-as-You-Go Licensing is still available for customers and prospects. As noted in the recent Microsoft Blog, Microsoft dropped Azure Pay-as-You-Go licensing in the Microsoft Product and Services Agreement (MPSA). What does this mean for new Azure customers that want Pay-as-You-Go Licensing?

Bali Kuchipudi, Product Marketing Leader, SoftwareONE
Bali Kuchipudi, Product Marketing Leader, SoftwareONE

Going forward, one of the ways that customers can take advantage of the Azure Pay-as-You-Go licensing is through Microsoft Partners, who often have value-added services that enable Azure customers to leverage their cloud solution more deeply and with better insight.

As a globally-certified Microsoft partner, we at SoftwareONE analysed the myriad challenges that organisations often face when deploying a new Azure instance. After several customer interviews and reviews of the marketplace, we developed an end-to-end solution offering specifically designed to empower customers with everything they need to leverage their Azure platform – all as a single SKU. In short, these include:

  1. Single licensing contract in a “pay-as-you-consume” model
  2. Cloud Advisory Services to help you design your deployment, as well as the Administrative Setup
  3. Ongoing, dedicated, and certified Cloud Support personnel
  4. Analytics to help you monetise and forecast your Azure consumption in our proprietary platform, PyraCloud

SoftwareONE’s AzureSimple offering combines everything a customer needs to get started with Azure, while helping them realise the long-term benefits of a cloud deployment.

Now that you have the option to purchase Azure on a Pay-as-You-GO basis, would you like to leverage the SoftwareONE AzureSimple offering to determine if Microsoft Azure is the right cloud service for your IT? Give us a try, reach out to SoftwareONE and let us help you make the decision with AzureSimple.


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