BenQ hosts annual partner meet in Thailand

BenQ's annual projector distributor meet in Thailand

BenQ held its annual projector regional distributors meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

BenQ, a digital lifestyle provider, recently held its annual projector regional distributors meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, where it shared its vision to become number one projector brand in the world.

Key channel partners from the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions participated in the three-day event which provided an opportunity for BenQ’s senior management to share insights into the trends and strategies that are shaping its businesses as well as showcase new product offerings.

In the Middle East, for the first quarter of 2011 BenQ projectors sales increased by 60%, in terms of both revenue generated and units sold, in comparison to the same period in 2010. According to the latest research report released by Futuresource Consulting, at the end of the first quarter of 2011, BenQ is the number one projector brand in Saudi Arabia with a 21% market share.  In the UAE, BenQ’s market share is over 16%, and it is the number three brand in the market.  With about 15% total market share, BenQ is also the number two projector brand in the entire Middle East and Africa region.

Adrian Chang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific said, “We are currently the number two projector brand in the world and aim to take the top spot in the near future with our enhanced line-up of projectors.”

In the second half of 2011 BenQ will be offering a range of new models catering to every audio visual segment. BenQ provides a comprehensive line-up of 16 models with throw ratios ranging from 0.9, 0.6, 0.4 to 0.3.

BenQ projectors are built with a aspherical lens that is calculated and positioned to give large-screen projection in a short distance. ImageCare, which works in conjunction with Philips lighting technology, brings a new way of operating the projector lamp systems. The eco blank mode dims the lamp power automatically, lowering the total power consumption by up to 70%. The smart eco mode saves up to 65% less power and also gives more detailed picture quality by using only the exact amount of lamp power a projector needs to deliver the best contrast performance.

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