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Meet Dubai’s new smart city AI-advisor

Smart Dubai has launched the new and improved version of its flagship Dubai Now platform and application, introducing artificial intelligence to the service, which will now feature Smart Dubai’s AI-powered smart city advisor “Rashid”.

“Rashid” will be available to answer user requests via the platform – be they typed or voice commands – offering customers a seamless and original experience, and allowing them to effortlessly access high-quality services from the convenience of their smartphones.

According to Smart Dubai, the upgrade improves four key aspects of the application, namely: a better interface design; more services on offer; a more personalised experience, where each user can include their personal preferences; and the personal assistant service, powered by “Rashid”.

Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General of the Smart Dubai Office (SDO), said, “Dubai Now is the first government service of its kind in the Middle East; it embodies the directives of the UAE’s wise leadership to harmonise efforts across all government departments in Dubai to advance the emirate’s smart transformation. The idea is to establish a smart environment and provide a distinguished prototype for the government of the future – an example to be emulated around the world.”

The upgrade for the Dubai Now application reflects Smart Dubai’s new corporate identity, with the new design and colours.

It allows users to include personal preferences and make adjustments to the design and interface of their accounts on the application, upload their photo, organise the services according to usage or preference, and activate notifications to remain informed of any updates on these services.

“Inspired by this forward-thinking vision,” Dr Aisha added, “we strive to provide an integrated portfolio of services that embrace artificial intelligence and other advanced Fourth-Industrial-Revolution technologies to improve quality of life for people in the emirate, and to achieve the required progress for Dubai to become the smartest and happiest city in the world.”

“The ‘Dubai Now’ application has also successfully employed artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to streamline and improve operations in both the public and private sectors in Dubai, spreading happiness among all residents and visitors of the emirate, in line with the objectives of the Dubai Plan 2021,” said Dr Bin Bishr.

The new edition of the app features artificial intelligence technology through Smart Dubai’s “Rashid” service, which answers all user queries in both Arabic and English, and can be activated using voice commands.

Services provided by the application include renewing vehicle registration; calculating rent increases; searching for the nearest gas station or ATM; paying for petrol at all ENOC stations; researching commercial activities; booking a trade name; renewing a commercial license; choosing an appropriate clinic and doctor; setting up a vaccination plan; researching suitable schools and universities; paying bills; and tracking flights.

The platform now includes services from 27 governmental, semi-government and private entities in Dubai, offering 59 services targeting 11 different categories of customers. Since its launch, Dubai Now has registered a strong user turnout; the app addresses customers’ most pressing needs, granting them round-the-clock, remote access to government services. More than 750,000 customers have downloaded the application, while the number of registered users reached 279,840.



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