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Emirates begins investigation into online phishing scam

Emirates has revealed that it is investigating an online scam being circulated on social media.

In a statement to Gulf News, the airline said that it is aware of phishing attempts luring unsuspecting users to click on fraudulent items such as a survey, to potentially gain access to users’ smartphones and computers.

This form of malicious phishing works by inviting users to click on a link which when pressed, gives permission of sorts to illegally hack into a user’s online device. This can ultimately result in everything from identity theft, to draining a person’s bank account or credit cards.

The scam is currently doing the rounds on Facebook, and presents itself as an Emirates survey asking three questions.

Those who participate are offered ‘two free air tickets,’ and are greeted with the message: “Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get two free Emirates tickets. We only have 332 tickets remaining so hurry up.”

The fake survey is dated May 29.

“Emirates has become aware of fraudulent websites purporting to come from the company claiming to offer free airline tickets to those who take an online survey,” said an Emirates spokesperson.

“We advise anyone not to click on any links or share these links on social media. Emirates is investigating the source of the scam and will take appropriate legal action against the perpetrators.”

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