aeCERT partners with EC-Council

As a result of the joint cooperation between aeCERT and EC-Council, a series of information security lessons will be offered to school children during an “information security awareness camp”. These lessons are specifically designed by aeCERT and EC-Council to raise awareness of the students regarding the online threats that might endanger them while using the internet.

The objectives of the campaign also include providing students with necessary information about optimal use of the social networking sites and how to avoid suspicious sites and persons. After the successful completion of the training, students will obtain a globally recognized information security certificate by the EC-Council.

“The importance of the World Wide Web for the younger generation is continuously on the rise; it became a vital part of the educational process. The National Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT) puts children at the forefront of its priorities and is committed to educate students on how to adopt secure online behaviors while using the internet” said H.E. Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Director General.

Recent researches demonstrated the dire necessity to protect youth from online dangers as surveys affirm that 60% of children and teenagers use chat rooms on a daily basis; three in four children are ready to reveal personal information in exchange of goods or services, one in five of those Teenagers will be targeted by a cyber criminal each.

Jay Bavisi, president of EC-Council added, “Information security encompasses more than just protecting sovereign IT systems of governments and those of organizations. Advances in instant communication medium including the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and other Instant Messaging services drive the very fabric of our modern society. Parents, siblings, teachers and children alike will need to understand the dangers the connected world presents while leveraging the world wide web and the Internet for education, life and work.”

The campaign, which will be launched by aeCERT in association with the EC-Council, will target both students and teachers. “Teachers from respective schools will be trained and provided by leaning materials on online security and its applicability. Duly trained teachers will convey the experience they obtained during the training to their students,” added Al Ghanim.

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