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Cyberoam rolls out Version X

Cyberoam, the Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance vendor, has announced the release of its new firmware with Cyberoam’s Version X that integrates new powerful features that help realize management efficiencies and strengthen the existing Cyberoam UTM to offer seamless security, connectivity and productivity to all industry segments.

The most significant features of Version X include an Extensible Security Architecture (ESA), Application Layer 7 Management, 3G/WWAN connectivity, security for HTTPS/SSL traffic, Instant Messaging Archiving & Control, Next-Gen GUI, and IPv6 support. The new Cyberoam firmware GUI is aimed at removing the clutter from managing Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances. The Version X features will enable Cyberoam UTM appliances add speed to security by enabling identity-based policy control, easy management, faster reboot time and a much faster GUI access.

”Security needs of an organization evolve continuously as new technology and security threats appear with regular frequency.” says Abhilash Sonwane, VP-Product Management, Cyberoam. He adds, “Cyberoam’s Extensible Security Architecture offers organizations an extensible security platform that can grow with their future security needs without degrading system performance. It keeps them well ahead of security threats by supporting feature enhancements that can be rapidly developed and deployed with minimum effort.”

Cyberoam Version X adds the following main features:

Application Layer 7 Management –manages applications based on user, time and bandwidth to control their availability to users and to offer benefits of productivity and cost containment by optimizing bandwidth consumed within the organization. This takes Cyberoam a step ahead of conventional application layer firewalls that only identify applications for blocking.

3G/WWAN Connectivity – offers secure continuous connectivity with failover and load balancing capabilities.

Security for HTTPS/SSL traffic– prevents data leakage over HTTPS/SSL traffic and stops malware propagation by scanning encrypted traffic.

Instant Messaging Archiving and Control – allows archiving and customized security control over public IMs making them a cost effective and secure communication mechanism for the SMBs, which is equivalent to owning a private IM software.

Next-Gen UI – enables ease of use and secure GUI configuration for better security.

IPv6 Ready – One of the first Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliances to get the “IPv6 Ready” Gold logo.

Says Sonwane; “The Version X features makes organizations ready for upcoming technologies like Cloud Computing and IPv6. Application Layer 7 Bandwidth Management along with Security over HTTPS provides them assured availability and security of applications in the cloud. Cyberoam, with its ‘IPv6 Ready” Gold logo, assures security to organizations for the imminent IPv6 transition.”

Cyberoam has launched a microsite – to announce the launch of the firmware with videos and whitepapers that describe the technology. Although Version X will be available immediately, some features will be available in a subsequent release in coming weeks.'

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