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Indicaa Group secures centralized application access

Indicaa Group Limited, the world’s leading trader in containerized scrap metal based in Dubai, has deployed application delivery solution from Propalms TSE that provides centralized application access to 50 users across 15 remote sites. The technology gives the end-user a seamless application experience as though the applications are running locally but with the knowledge that all of the data is centrally stored and backed up. Indicaa chose IT security specialist Bulwark Technologies as the implementation partner for the project.

Pradeep Nair, ICT Manager at Indicaa Group comments, “Proplams TSE was chosen because it served all our purposes. It is a cost-effective solution which was easy to install, deploy and manage and is suitable for all low to high level class infrastructure networks. It supports all types of local printing including USB which is not the case with other products we evaluated. An added bonus is that it is also fast and very secure.”

For Indicaa Group’s IT staff, utilizing Propalms TSE and its easy to use Web Based Management for deploying applications to remote offices is now simple. Rather than physically having to install software on multiple client devices across many sites the administrator can simply install and publish the application to the user in seconds with TSE. Increased security of data and vastly reduced administration costs for managing application access across many sites were immediate benefits seen due to easy management, simple application publishing, and enhanced printing support for both USB and network based printers within TSE.

Bulwark Technologies, the regional distributor of Propalms products facilitated the deployment of Propalms at Indicaa Group Limited. “As a Value Added Distributor for Propalms in the region, we have been supporting our customers and resellers in implementing the Propalms TSE solution, effectively meeting the end user’s requirement of secure remote connectivity of their application. For Indicaa also, we have provided our services ensuring proper implementation to the satisfaction of the customer”, says Kannan S Kumar, Sr. Sales Engineer at Bulwark Technologies LLC.

Server Based Computing (SBC) or Thin Client architecture, also known as Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, is an architecture in which applications are installed and configured centrally on servers. The applications run 100% on the central servers with only mouse clicks, keystrokes and screen updates travelling across the network between the servers and client devices. From a users perspective, the applications appear as though they are running locally where as they are actually being executed on the servers. Due to this fact, client devices are independent from the applications and can include desktop PCs and thin client devices (Windows and Linux based), Macintosh computers, and handheld devices.

Propalms TSE is designed to make the most of the client’s Windows Terminal Services deployment by leveraging the most recent enhancements to the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Propalms TSE adds indispensable management capabilities and scales to accommodate growing numbers of users, applications and servers, securely, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Indicaa Group, is recognized as the world’s leading trader in containerized scrap metal. It plays a key role in the global scrap industry with operations that span across 64 cities in 33 countries worldwide. It has capitalized on the advantages of containerized scrap metal over break bulk. With shorter transit times between ports, faster and smaller shipments, a more prudent capital requirement, practical inventory planning and lesser impurities, pilferage and wastage, containerized scrap metal is the new wave in scrap metal trading. With a base of over 1,000 suppliers and 300 customers, Indicaa is the world’s largest transnational in scrap metal trading.

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