Top vendors unite for IoT ring

Intel, Samsung and Dell are among the founding members to have established the OIC, a new Internet of Things consortium to create standards so that billions of devices can connect to each other.

Intel introduces its most powerful chip ever

Intel hopes to take hardware performance to the next level with its latest Xeon Phi supercomputing chip, which packs an array of new hardware technologies that could eventually find their way to laptops and desktops.

Touchmate chosen for Intel’s board of advisory

Leading the PC market globally, Intel, the US chipmaker is now looking at entering the tablet and smartphone market in the region. However, when it comes to the mobility game, the rules are very different, says Vasant Menghani, Founder and CEO, Quality Group.

Intel looks to Android for growth in tablets

In case it wasn’t clear already, Intel and Microsoft are no longer joined at the hip. Intel is trying desperately to grow its share of the tablet market, and with Windows flunking out on those devices, Android is the flavour of the month.

A newer, faster Thunderbolt

Intel could soon bring to market a faster version of its Thunderbolt connector technology with a throughput of 50Gbps, but the …


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