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Infor to demonstrate impressive cloud technology solutions at GITEX 2021

Amel Gardner, Infor Vice President and General Manager for Middle East & Africa, discusses why participation in GITEX 2021 is more important than ever and how key technologies like multi-tenant cloud projects will fuel innovation in 2022.
  • Can you outline to our readers what products, solutions, or partnership agreements you’re announcing at GITEX Global 2021?

This is our fifth year at GITEX and the event provides the perfect platform to showcase everything we have to offer to our customers, prospects, partners and new staff who want to join us.

We’re using our stand creatively to feature distinct zones enabling visitors from specific industries to understand how their organisation can transform and gain the full advantages of the cloud, positioning them to embrace new technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Infor will demonstrate solutions including its industry-specific CloudSuites for industrial manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare, with specialists available to discuss each of these solutions. Infor will also showcase its enterprise applications and enterprise resource planning (ERP) engines that are at the heart of its solutions, and which are designed for specific industries. These highly robust solutions manage financial and operational tasks, streamlining processes, eliminating redundancies, and providing end-to-end visibility.

In particular, we will demonstrate the power of Infor’s cloud solutions including Infor M3, a manufacturing and distribution ERP system for process and distribution industries; Infor LN, a solution for discrete manufacturers to gain the visibility they need to quickly respond to customer, supplier, and regulatory needs; and Infor WMS, a best-of-breed, Tier-1 warehouse management system designed to streamline warehouse operations through advanced inventory management, labour management, 3PL billing and invoicing, 3D visualisation, embedded analytics, and more.

Infor’s dedicated Value Engineering team will also be unveiled for the first time at GITEX and they will be available to demonstrate how every organisations most critical business drivers should be aligned with a sound technological strategy. Infor’s Value Engineering team, which is dedicated to maximising Infor investments, helps to identify, quantify, and realise the true business value that our products deliver.

We’ll be also showcasing our Enterprise Asset Management solution, designed to digitise maintenance with built-in industry-specific capabilities for manufacturing, transportation, public sector, healthcare, and more. 

  • How important is it for your company to participate at GITEX Global 2021, in terms of getting to network face-to-face with your customers and partners?

We are taking the opportunity to reengage with our community at GITEX 2021. There are many customers and partners we’ve not been able to greet, so this will be a wonderful opportunity to reengage. So much so that we are holding our own Executive Gala dinner for our regional customers and partners, where we will share our company vision and strategy for next year while reflecting on, and celebrating, our 2021 successes through customer excellence awards.

We also hope to meet potential new partners this year. Partners will also be instrumental to our growth.

Channel partners play a key role in strengthening Infor’s ability to reach customers and execute digital transformation projects across the region. Many of these partners have a long-standing relationship with Infor, along with a deep understanding of their geographical market, and expertise in planning and executing transformative projects in specific verticals such as industrial manufacturing, supply chain management, and healthcare.  We are always looking for new partners too.

At GITEX we’d like to meet new and existing partners to discuss the Infor Partner Network (IPN), a global ecosystem of people, services, and systems designed to provide partners with world-class solutions to sell, and the highest quality of training, support and enablement in the industry. Our goal is to organise a skilled team of partners, committed to growing with Infor, expanding their businesses and staying ahead of the market, while providing customers with innovative technology suites that are beautiful, functional, and easy to use.

Our channel philosophy is never to flood the market with partners simply for the purpose of maximising geographical coverage, but rather to organise a skilled team of partners who are committed to grow with Infor, who are keen to provide customers with industry-specific solutions and support critical micro-vertical processes.

  • In your opinion, what are the key technologies that will fuel new innovations in 2022?

We see a continued shift in the industry of companies adopting cloud solutions for mission critical operations. This year we have seen some amazing multi-tenant cloud projects already and we only see this accelerating. And these are not small projects, or tactical edge products, this is mission critical processes. For instance, like in Bahrain with ASRY (Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard) they are conducting a transformation project in the cloud. Then there’s Al-Jazira Equipment in Saudi Arabia helping them adopt a new B2C model, and right here in Dubai we have progressive hospitals such as Clemenceau Medical Centre in Dubai Healthcare City all making huge strides to a digital future with Infor. These are all committing to the AWS cloud with Infor CloudSuites right at the core of their transformations.

Infor is aiming for a 40% CAGR in its SaaS business in the Middle East.

It’s been an incredible year for many other customers right across the region all seeing successful deployments of their Infor software.  These include:

–           Saudi Bugshan, the Saudi conglomerate which has completed a huge transformation project with Infor with Infor OS (cloud platform) right at the heart of their work.

–           Zahid Group, in Saudi Arabia who have transformed their vehicle lifecycle management (distribution, maintenance and repair business)

–           There’s Hafil Transportation Company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia’s biggest transportation company using Infor EAM to maintain its fleet.

–           Suptertech Group, a diversified conglomerate based in Dubai which has transformed its sales, engineering, distribution, and after-sales support operations with Infor LN

–           Metito, the Abu Dhabi based leader in sustainable water management and alternative energy solutions that has deployed Infor LN to enable more efficient response times to customers, suppliers, and regulatory needs.

…… all successfully deploying their Infor software this year.

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