Sony Mobile launches Xperia M2 at MWC

At the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Sony Mobile has introduced Xperia M2, one of its four new products. The other products include Sony SmartBand, Xperia Z2 smartphone and Xperia Z2 tablet.

Review: Sony Xperia C

With a sturdy body and delicate design, the dual-sim smartphone meets most requirements of an average smartphone user.

Review: Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Sony has brought out the big guns with its Xperia Z Ultra. But given the device’s 6.4-inch display, is it simply too big for everyday use?

Review: Sony Xperia Z Ultra

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is like a big, dumb dog – it’s great to play around with, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to live with it every day.

Video: Sony Xperia Tablet Z

[jwplayer config=”CNMEPlayer” file=””] Sony‘s Xperia Tablet Z will go on sale globally in the second quarter, priced from $499 in …

Sony unveils Xperia Z in Dubai

Sony’s new flagship Xperia Z smartphone saw its Middle East launch at glitzy press event on Tuesday, when visitors poured …

Sony unveils Xperia Tablet Z

Sony on Monday expanded its portfolio of Android-based products with the Tablet Z, which is thinner and lighter than competing …

Review: Sony Xperia P

Sony’s Xperia P is far from a flagship smartphone, and, having been released early last year, it is ageing quickly. …


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