RWME Contributor

RWME Contributor

Review: Qnap TS-469L

Qnap‘s newly launched X69 Series of network attached storage is targeted at power consumers and business users. Powered by Intel’s …

The ICT economy

The tables are turning and the focus is fast shifting to mobility and the demand for connectivity. Meera Kaul, MD at Optimus Technology and Telecommunications believes regional success will ultimately depend on how governments leverage these latest trends to better ICT infrastructure

Building effective channels in emerging markets

Lenovo has made successful inroads across various regions within emerging markets, to emerge victorious in these markets.
Its secret lies in a clear knowledge of its markets and the strong relationships it has with its partners. As an extension of the organisation, Lenovo’s channel relationships are defined with shared strategies, joint planning, mutual trust, accountability, and above all, clear definition of the culture between brands and channels.


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