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Interview: Future Ready

Sakkeer HussainDirector – Sales & MarketingD-Link Middle East & Africa, tells RME in an exclusive interview how the company’s forward-looking partner program empowers businesses to maximise their business potential and add value to their product portfolio. 

Sakkeer Hussain, Director – Sales and Marketing, Middle East & Africa, D-Link

 Tell us about D-Link’s partner program. What are the key benefits of being a D-Link partner? 

 As a networking leader and global provider of comprehensive solutions in Switches, Wireless, Storage, IP surveillance, Security, VoIP and Cabling products, D-Link grants access to partners to sell D-Link solutions that unlock additional revenue opportunities, which can enhance their company’s bottom line. With the additional marketing, sales, and support resources from D-Link, partners are able to better scale their business and reach a wider customer base. The company’s easy partner registration process keeps partners selling, and help to acquire product knowledge with D-link certifications. For more than two decades, D-Link channel partners have been the sole way we go to the market, and the D-Link Solution Partner Program is designed to continue on the same path of partnership in the channel. 

The partnership program designed for Middle East and Africa countries aims at creating a platform for two-way marketing information system (MIS) to help better understand competition, market requirements, launch new products/ technology and most of all create a loyal chain of D-Link partners with better mind share, commitment and focus. 

Working through our existing distribution channels, D-Link provides enrolled partners with considerable support and rewards for achieving verifiable D-Link targets on a revised, quarterly basis. These targets, both qualitative and quantitative will provide excellent benchmarks for strong, sustained growth in the region. 

The D-Link Business Solution Partner Program has four levels to it. The first is Authorized Solution Partner (ASP), then Preferred Solution Partner (PSP), Preferred VoIP Partner (PVP) and the fourth one is Empower Solution Partner (ESP). D-Link offers these levels in the Business Solution Partner Program to allow partners to choose the best fit for their business model. All offer exciting benefits that help partners maximize their sales potential when dealing with D-Link Solutions. 

Benefits of being a D-Link partner: As a D-Link partner, resellers, VARs, systems integrators and solutions providers can scale their business portfolio, enhance their profitability and get the solutions to the market faster. Channel partners have access to all our partner-specific resources easily. Additionally, partners will also be able to raise their business profile by adding D-Link’s business class solutions to their product portfolio. D-Link is committed to providing partners, useful tools, resources, and the know-how of managing and growing their business.  

 Perhaps the biggest market trend now is remote working. How does D-Link play a role here? 

 Remote working models have gained popularity and acceptance over the last year. To ensure remote working models succeed, it is critical to make sure the right technologies are at play, both at the employee’s end as well as from the corporate point of view. Communication is key for such a business model and this is empowered by video conferencing and other networking solutions. For all these digital technologies to work, a strong, stable and seamless Wi-Fi connection and robust routers are imperative.  

We take pride in offering pioneering routers that truly are the pillars of digital technologies. The company’s state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 routers - DIR-X5460 EXO AX AX5400 and DIR-X1860 EXO AX AX1800 – can be the ideal tools to ensure uninterrupted connections. Powered with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology, these routers provide faster speeds, greater capacity and less network congestion.  

Additionally, Nuclias Connect and Nuclias Cloud Remote Network Management Solutions are part of our transformative remote work solutions portfolio and are genuine market differentiators.  

Nuclias Cloud portfolio allows SMBs and large enterprises across retail, education and hospitality, as well as MSPs, to deploy professional-grade networks from anywhere and anytime, eliminating physical space constraints. Convenience, cost-effectiveness and ease of use make the solutions ideal for onboarding, studying, troubleshooting as well as monitoring and reporting network activity quickly and easily.   

Nuclias Managed Wireless Networking Solutions offer the capability, hosting flexibility, and value that customers need to carry out their digital transformation efforts with minimal interruptions. The solutions offer centralised remote network management via an intuitive interface, and multi-tenant architecture that makes outsourcing simple for end-users.  

Distance learning is also a trend now. What products and services does D-Link have, to cater to this growing market? 

 The complete end-to-end innovative suite of Nuclias solutions (as mentioned above) are crafted to assist and empower remote learning and working. It is unique because never before have IT administrators set up, automated, monitored and scaled wireless networks remotely so easily and seamlessly. By minimizing the burdens, lowering the barriers and solving problems,NucliasSolutions play a key role in enabling the EdTech revolution to achieve its full potential — at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. It helps to rebalance the on-campus learning equation by putting professional-grade managed wireless capabilities back into the hands of educators.  

Nuclias Managed Wireless Networking Solutions offer the capability, hosting flexibility, and value that educators need to carry out their digital transformation efforts with minimal burden, inconvenience, or distraction.  

D-Link also enhances the digital learning experience with its pioneering 5G and Wi-Fi 6 solutions that provide high-speed connectivity and high-performance capacity so that education continues to be excellent for those learning remotely or through blended models.  

Digital technologies are vital in ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences as educators and students alike adapt to e-learning or distance learning, and blended education models. A key variable to the success is a well-managed network security system, allowing IT administrators in the education vertical to efficiently control and monitor what students and teachers access while online, no matter where the location is – on-campus or remote. Through our innovative solutions, including our pioneering Nuclias portfolio, we aim to address real life challenges across industries.  

Ensuring the smooth & seamless connectivity of remote devices is a huge challenge for many organisations today. How can this be addressed? 

Regular checking and monitoring of these devices are a must to ensure its seamless operations. Also, by investing in the right cloud and IoT applications that are secure and can take on large workloads, will go a long way in helping organisations maintain remote devices. Above all ensuring all parties have strong Wi-Fi connections and robust routers are also critical.  

Give us an insight into some of the cloud solutions that D-Link provides. 

D-Link boasts a number of products and solutions in its cloud portfolio. mydlink portfolio features simple and easy-to-use set of cloud services for the smart home. The app allows customers to view their cloud cameras, access cloud storage files and control their network from anywhere.  

Nuclias cloud portfolio as mentioned earlier is another flagship offering that enables enterprises and SMBs across verticals to control and secure their networks effortlessly. At the recently concluded CES 2021, D-Link also showcased its latest mydlink, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet solutions that transforms users’ home to enable them to work, learn and entertain in the new normal and post pandemic era.  

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