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Prestigio, the PC peripherals and accessories brand, has recently announced its entry into the burgeoning smartphone market following its successful operations in the tablet space.

According to Yuri Antoshkin, COO, Prestigio the company aims to sell 500,000 tablets before the end of 2012 and has already sold 400,000 tablets worldwide. Antoshkin says that the company’s innovations are witnessing maximum adoption across the markets of East Europe and the Middle East. “We believe that customers around the world are now aware of all the choices they have across one product category, they understand the delicate balance between price and quality and are looking for devices that offer them that perfect balance. This balance is what Prestigio has got right,” he says.

Antoshkin believes that the company stands ‘smack’ in the middle of the tablet market, in between the high end tablets like those manufactured by Apple and Samsung and the low end tablet manufacturers like Simmtronics or Touchmate. “We have a dedicated team that studies the market and takes note of those trends that seem to be taking centre stage. With our own software development team that develops secure applications internally, we provide consumers with products that aren’t just economical but a whole lot safer than the usual low end brands,” Antoshkin adds.

He says that Presitigio’s development team is careful to update features and applications on their devices every two months having understood the demand for constant connectivity and change. Prestigio tablets come with pre installed e-books, gaming from Gameworld and the full suite of Office Pro applications along with a host of many others.

“In a market as competitive as the consumer IT market, there are three determinants to success- the first is the design, the second is the usability and the third is price. If you bring each of these three elements together and constantly refresh the suite of applications that consumers can access from their device, you’ve given them the perfect device and this is what we at Prestigio aim to do,” he says.

After enjoying its success in the tablet space, Presitigio is now ready to take bold new steps into the smartphone market.

“We believe our experience in the tablet space has given us the necessary experience, strategy and drive to face the hefty competition in the smartphone market. We have taken our time to study the various trends in the smartphone market and launched the ‘MultiPhone’ with a 3.5 inch display, 1 Ghz CPU and dual SIM capabilities. This range of smartphones runs on Android platforms and comes with a string of interactive features and applications all packed into a lightweight and aesthetically designed unit. As was the case with our tablet line up, the ‘MultiPhone’ is range of four smartphones each varying based on screen size, operating systems and camera capabilities, with this we give our customers to choose the device that suits their unique needs,” he states.

Antoshkin feels that Presitigio is yet in its infancy and its latest smartphones will help boost the business further. “Presitigio has garnered enough goodwill and loyalty amongst its tablet customers who in a natural form of transition will also buy the smartphones that are essentially an extension of the brand. This is what we have been working towards, developing their trust so they may trust the brand to meet their connectivity needs,” says Antoshkin.

With resources such as a dedicated engineering team Arabising smartphone content and a strong distribution partner in Asbis Middle East who is leveraging its strong reseller network to extend these latest products to consumers across the Middle East, Africa and Turkey,  Presitigio is now ready to witness the next phase of growth.


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